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The Savants: Exposing Our False Matrix Reality & Demonic Handlers

This is a hard to find documentary called “The Savants”. I’m not even 100% sure who originally made this film. I was only able to find it split up into 9 parts and had to merge them myself into one video. It seems like a Noreeaga production. The same guys who made “The Arrivals” & “The AntiChrist Dajjal Will be a Reptilian Shapeshifter”. But I’m not sure. Either way, it’s an awesome film and I think there is more too it since at the end of Part 9 it says “to be continued”. I’ll have to dig around so more, but for now here is the first 9 parts that run for 2 hours. I uploaded it to Rumble and embedded it a couple different ways below. I also included my favorite “interdimensional/demonic” creature footage documentary as well. They kind of relate to each other.
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