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Have the Courts Been Compromised Too? Where are the Righteous Judges? Supreme Court Slows President Trump’s PA Case!

We know all about Justice Roberts and his highly compromised position as a heavily blackmailed victim of the Ghislaine Maxwell run MOSSAD intelligence honey-hole operation known as Epstein Island. But I didn’t think the rest of the justices were also this feckless and useless. Once and a while they are going to have to make harrowing judgements that could trigger chaos and they need to suck it up and follow the damn law. The American people won’t be able to put their faith in any American judicial entity after this if the Supreme Court doesn’t act. Useless bureaucrats like usual.

Have the Courts Been Compromised Too? Where are the Righteous Judges? Supreme Court Slows President Trump’s PA Case!

Source: by Joe Hoft | The Gateway Pundit / 2020-12-24 11:33

The US Court system has been taken over by the corrupt left.  It’s time for the Justices on the Court to rule based on righteousness.  The 2020 election was stolen.  Joe Biden received 20 million fraudulent votes and biased judges and Obama judges are the only ones to see cases and they then ridicule and discount the massive fraud.

We’ve already discussed Justice Roberts.  Many people believe the Chief Justice is compromised.  His rulings make no sense.  He is either crazy or he is being blackmailed.

What’s Going on with Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts? Even Soros Cheered Roberts at Davos

The courts to date have thrown out the President’s cases in regards to the unspeakable fraud committed during the 2020 Presidential election.  Obama judges have been allowed to ridicule the President and the record setting number of Americans who voted for him and then throw out the cases based on their grotesque biases.

Obama Judge in Michigan Labels Sidney Powell’s Case of Voting Irregularities “An Amalgamation of Theories, Conjecture, and Speculation”

Our courts have been compromised by biased judges who somehow are given the key cases involved in the 2020 election.

Over the past weekend the President filed a case with the Supreme Court and asked for it to be expedited due to the fact that it involves the 2020 election and the future of this country.  If Joe Biden, who stole the election from record-setter President Trump is allowed to win the election, the country will never recover.  How can President Trump’s record setting election that destroyed the previous all time high by nearly 10% be stolen?

The Supreme Court yesterday acknowledged the filings were received.

The court did not rule on the case.  The court did not acknowledge the case should be heard NOW!  The court basically did nothing.

Where are the rest of the Justices?  Why are they so afraid to stand up for Justice?  We know the liberal judges will never rule justly so they are out.  They will always remain biased.  But where are the good judges who demand justice?  Are all the judges incapable of courage and honor?  A good judge would demand these cases be ruled on NOW. 

Pennsylvania changes the law and then stole the election for senile Joe Biden.  No one wants a China loving Joe Biden other than a minority of Democrats, elites and China.

The courts and the legislatures better wake up!  Americans are livid.

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