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MUST SEE: Trump Declassifies Documents To Expose Joe Biden And The Deep State Traitors | GULLIANI:”Big Announcement Coming on Election Fraud in Georgia” | Trump May Speak to Country on XMAS Day | Ezra Cohen(Who is Likely Q) Put in Charge of Declassifications Moving Forward

I do believe that a solid case has been made that Ezra Cohen, one of General Flynns disciples, is in fact behind the Q PsyOp. I am not using “PsyOp” in a derogatory fashion here necessarily. It just is.


Situation Update, Dec. 23rd – Trump chooses declassification option to expose Joe Biden and the deep state traitors

BY HEALTHRANGER // 2020-12-23

Today’s Situation Update reveals how Trump appears to have chosen the “declassification” option to expose Joe Biden and the deep state traitors.

Here’s what you’ll learn in today’s Situation Update:

Trump Declassifies Documents To Expose Joe Biden And The Deep State Traitors
  • More rumors of C-17 transport planes arriving in Nevada.
  • Rumors that Trump will speak to America on Christmas Day.
  • Trump appoints Ezra Cohen-Watnick [believed to be Q] to Chairperson of the Public Interest Declassification Board, which is responsible for deciding which documents get declassified. Watnick is known to be an ally of Gen. Michael Flynn and Trump. (Whitehouse.gov)
  • Trump signs new memorandum to allow John Durham and any new special counsel to use classified documents with grand juries in order to seek new criminal indictments against deep state players. This order would also apply to Sidney Powell if she is appointed special counsel in the coming days. (Whitehouse.gov)
  • Joe Biden was involved in the 2016 spygate / FISA warrant scandal and may be exposed in the coming document dumps.
  • Wisconsin judge testifies that over 200,000 votes were illegal and invalid in that state.
  • Join the march in D.C. on January 6th. Trump says, “It’s gonna be wild!”
  • National File reports that the White House has released an internal memo essentially compelling VP Pence to act today, rejecting the electoral votes from states that carried out fraudulent, unconstitutional elections.
  • Georgia lawmakers move to certify their own election.
  • Arizona lawmakers are working to certify Trump as the true winner.
  • Patrick Byrne reveals Trump is just one signature away from unleashing a powerful solution.
  • Trump meets with multiple members of Congress to discuss a Jan. 6th solution.
  • Giuliani says a big revelation is coming about fraud in Georgia.

Listen to the full podcast here:

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