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Shocking Footage of Apollyon(the AntiChrist) Dining With Trump & Other World Leaders

The AntiChrist Dines With His Kings, Princes & Peons
Quick Add-on to Last Video

I’m not going to lie, it pisses me off that the androgynous warlock who calls itself Tamara Desiree Magdalene ends up finding some of the coolest and most shocking clips of paranormal Fallen Angel/demonic entity evidence out there. This latest clip of Apollyon standing up at the head of the table while dining with all the top world leaders is one of the craziest things I’ve seen in a while. It makes so much damn sense too. The Tribe of Dan were originally Cannanite/Viking/Templar descendents, so to see that this entity not only appears to take on the image of the false Christ/Apollyon that we see in all our churches as well as being dressed like a Templar, makes so much damn sense that I almost want to question its authenticity. But it looks legit. What can I say? If I find out Tamara has been CGI’ing these clips, I’m going to go on a reign of terror unlike anything ever seen on the internet.

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