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I’M NOT DOING IT ANYMORE! – Woman Takes Stand Over Mask Insanity

Exactly what she said! I wish I had the restraint to be a calm as she was. You should see the scene I make. I’m going to start recording my public interactions for everyones entertainment. I’m kinda baffled as to why I haven’t thought to do that. I can assure you that you’ll be thoroughly entertained.

Unless people like us start taking public stands like this and jolt others out of this haze they are in, then it’s only going to get much much more assinine. They can’t arrest you. THEY CAN’T DO SHIT. The people at Walmart and Walgreens already know me and don’t even bother trying to get me to put on a mask anymore and don’t say a single word when I walk in after what I initially put them through. You have to make it not worth it for them anymore. We can’t beat this thing if it’s only this woman and I taking a stand. We could use a little help here. Pleeeeeease!

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