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Luke Letlow Executed for Treason! LCLLCOVID = TREASON

When Tim Ochs II said he was decoding everything, he wasn’t kidding. This was a great catch. Take the capitalized letters from the headline and you get the English Simple Gematria result for “Treason”. Let’s be real. This guy did not suddenly die from the common fucking cold. In fact, no one dies from Novid-19. Its physically impossible to die from a non-existant strain of SARS. So the American people need to drag themselves out of retard-land and wake up. Coronaviruses are real, but that’s known as the common cold and a 41 year old is not dying from that. You don’t even drop dead that quickly from Ebola. I mean since when do the American people literally question NOTHING anymore? It’s absolutely pathetic.

This is an obvious clear cut case of the Scamdemic being taken advantage of to provide a cover story for the execution of yet another one of these treasonous snakes. Hope this sends a message. I’m sure it won’t though.

Decodes to TREASON!!!!!! LCLLCOVID
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Louisiana Congressman-elect Luke Letlow dies of COVID-19 complications, aged 41



Originally tweeted by Timothy Edward Ochs II (@theCincySBKid) on December 30, 2020.

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