Month: January 2021

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#COVIDIOTS, #LiberalismIsADisease, #Scamdemic, #WalkAway, Agree With Me Or Else, Beta-male Soyboys, Biased Left Media, Censorship, Civil War Alert, Coronavirus, DemonRats, Despicability Level:Infinity, Despicable Democrats, Double Standard Democrats, Dumb Millenials, Fascists, Hypocrisy, Liberalism Is A Disease, Low IQ Individuals, Mask-Nazis & Koughvidiots, Snowflakes, Triggered, Trump Derangement, Trump Derangement Syndrome

GOD SAVE US FROM THE EDUCATED YOUTH | Millennials Are the Foot Soldiers for the EL-ites & Proxies for the Annihilators of Our Freedoms. With AOC Leading the Way.

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