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Prophetic Dream About Obama From 2016 About to Happen in 2021?

I had no idea my man over at NWOReport.me had 116k YouTube subscribers under the Qronos16 handle. Damn son. I love that guy and wish I could be as positive as he is about things and want nothing more than this prophetic dream of his that he had about Obama dissolving into nothing like the T1000 in Terminator 2 to come true. Unfortunately, I think the apparent vanquishing of this evil left-winged Globalist conglomerate that’s comprised of these various villainous personalities like Obama, Hillary & Soros, will only end up being part of the grand deception. The American people will be so smitten and grateful to those responsible for supposedly riding us of these unpalatable fucks that it will blind us to their long term far reaching malevolent agenda. Duping us into unknowingly submitting ourselves to an entity just as evil. The same entity actually. The AntiChrist legion spirit. Yeah yeah. I sound like a broken record. You’ll thank me later.

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