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Run AWAAAY! Richard Grenell mocks Chuck Todd’s MELTDOWN during Ron Johnson interview and he just CAN’T DEAL

LMFAO. Looks like Chucky boy is still a little on edge after being leap frogged by dummy-lady Joy Reid for that prime time slot on MSNBC that she certainly did not deserve. A slot that Chuck had been anxiously expecting to get. But hey, he’s not a black woman, so that would have been discriminatory if NBC had given the slot to a white man who may have actually earned it via hard work and competence. Though Chuck Todd is a piece of shit too. But certainly not as dumb as Joy Reid. Joy is so dumb, useless & childish that she would get her ass handed to her by a middle-schooler if she was ever subjected to an actual merit-based open debate on anything. So I don’t blame Chuck for still having his panties in a bunch after being pushed to the side in favor of her stupid ass. Just don’t take it out on Richard Grenell bro. Do you hate fags or something Chuck? Personally, I think Richard Grenell is a badass and frankly don’t care who he decides to go home to at night. He was great during his short stint as acting DNI. But he’s been even better on Twitter, especially when he’s out here skewering little bitch ass lefty shills like Chuck Todd to the point that Chucky is forced to block him, runaway and hide, cowering in utter shame and public humiliation behind his virtual Twitter blockade he likely considers as his safe space. Grenell has been just as awesome on Twitter as he was with his declassification duties when acting DNI.

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Source: Posted at 11:14 am on January 04, 2021 by Sam Janney— 04.01.2021 11:14 Twitchy

Run AWAAAY! Richard Grenell mocks Chuck Todd’s MELTDOWN during Ron Johnson interview and he just CAN’T DEAL

 — 04.01.2021 11:14 Twitchy

As Twitchy readers know, Chuck Todd thought he was really letting Sen. Ron Johnson have it during his interview on Sunday morning, but what it really looked like to the outside viewer was that Chuck melted down and completely lost his ability to act like a journalist.

We’ve seen monkeys throwing poo around at the zoo who have more control than Chuck during that interview.

Even his audience was telling him the segment was crap. Granted, they were mad at him for giving Johnson a platform to speak in the first place (because you know, if they disagree with you you should be silenced or something) but still … we almost felt bad for him.


Richard Grenell mocked both Chuck and his interview as only he can:


He really did.

It was painful.

Chuck apparently didn’t like Ric’s tweet:


He can dish it out but he can’t take it.

Even his viewers thought it sucked.

Chuck is also worried about losing his audience, and from their reaction to this interview yesterday on Twitter, he should be.


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