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I can totally see how one might interpret these set of eery coincidences and seemingly supernatural happenings that took place at the Watts family home as Shannan attempting to communicate from the dead. The apparitions and EVP’s in fact were most certainly her doing just that. But as far as the image of the unborn fetus on the screen that “happened” to pop up as they were viewing Chris loading his truck with his wife’s dead body and his still alive at the time two daughters. That was part of the trauma-based mind control programming that Chris was still being subjected to even after having been programmed to carry out the murders. In a morbid and heartbreaking way, Chris Watts is very much a victim here too. His mind had been broken & selectively dissociated into separate alters/personalities by that point. One of them being this loving father. The other one an unfaithful sociopath who one day decided to murder his wife and two daughters, stuffing the two young children into an oil holding tank at his job site and burying his wife in a shallow grave nearby.

By flashing the image of this unborn fetus on the screen as they were showing him footage of him loading up his truck while Chris was acting in his second alter for the first time, they were continuing to inflict even more trauma on Watts as part of his programming protocol. This was a sick & twisted ritualistic fertility-themed sacrificial offering that was carried out by the Occultist handlers that you see throwing up all their favorite Occult gang signs as they are recording themselves via their police body-cams while questioning Watts inside the family home in the immediate aftermath of the brutal killings. I know this is an uncomfortable topic and almost impossible for most to believe. But this kind of stuff is unfortunately very real and if I don’t make a point to talk about these things and point out their very apparent and open bragging about their ritual slayings, it will continue to stay buried away and outside the purview of the unsuspecting public. Allowing these sickos to continue carrying out these ritual sacrifices using their Monarch controlled proxies with almost total and absolute impunity. Not happening.

This isthe longer video that shows all the Paranormal happenings and apparitions that appeared. This video is not part of the post below but from the earlier post I had done on this story.

Source: By Charlene lowe Kemp | Paranormal Hauntings | January 1, 2021


By Charlene lowe Kemp / January 1, 2021

Netflix’s true crime documentary American Murder: The Family Next Door focuses on disturbing details that led up to the murder of several members of the Watts family. Colorado dad Chris Watts, who was having an affair with a coworker, killed his pregnant wife, Shanann Watts, as well as the couple’s daughters Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3, in 2018.

The documentary is hard to watch and It includes real life videos of a seemingly happy family from Shanann’s Facebook, texts exchanged between Shanann and Chris before the murders, as well as body cam footage from police inside the Watts’ house after Shanann and the girls’ were first reported missing. But one particular aspect of the officer’s body cam footage is getting attention. Arthur Cant, a youtuber who posted a clip captioned ‘THIS IS FROM THE NETFLIX SERIES: AMERICAN MURDER: THE FAMILY NEXT DOOR. THIS IS CAPTURED DIRECTLY FROM NETFLIX AROUND 6:57 MARK INTO THE FILM”. The video gathered thousands of views. The footage shows a clip from the documentary of the dashcam footage when Chris and his neighbours explore the house looking for clues to where his wife may be. After Chris finds his wife’s phone upstairs, the documentary adds pop ups of texts to shanann. After that, the camera pans to a little girls room, either Bella’s or Celeste’s. In this clip you can see in the left hand corner a image that appears as a little girl. You have to pause the footage to see what the youtuber means but yes the image that as the camera pans round could be seen as a little girl.

Video Below

From 33 seconds in


Nickole Atkinson, Shanann’s friend who reported her missing, was there with her son & small daughter in tow. Atkinson’s daughter was the same age as the Watts girls. Although she isn’t on the dashcam footage, she was in the house when the welfare check was conducted…So could it have been her?

In other footage, I do believe Shannan may have been sending officers a message what may have happened to her!

In another part of the documentary you see the Real footage of when Chris Watts goes to his neighbours to check the CCTV footage. As they chatted a foetus, then a skull floating in oil appeared on the screen!

Shannan was four months pregnant when Chris killed her. He then drove Shanann’s body, and his two daughters, Bella & Celeste to an oil site, where he strangled his children and dumped them in the oil tank.

From the Documentary you can grasp that Shanann loved her family very much and undoubtedly her children. I do think in life Shannan did fight for what she thought was right and indeed guarded her children with her life so if there is a afterlife I am sure she would have made it her aim to give the signs where she could. A man she thought the world of and loved, betrayed her, betrayed their children and all their family in so many ways possible so would she could back to help solve what happened to her and her children..I think she would. I know I would….

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