2020 Election

GA Says It will Take Them Three Days To Steal Enough Votes for The Dems

If anyone still wonders any I still spend so much time skewering libtards and exposing the outrageous and despicable antics of the DemonRats, despite having claimed to have proudly removed myself from further participating in the “left vs right” paridigm, well, here’s a nice big fat obese despicable example for ya.

If you’re still having trouble seeing this “evidence” that you claim doesn’t exist, of DemonRat perpetrated voter fraud(that’s still ongoing by the way), then you clearly have a fairly extensive learning disability, or you’re just a complete utter piece of unapologetic Trump Deranged Ardvark shit. Yup, that’s what you are, and I know most of you are proud of it. What’s an Ardvark? My point exactly.

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