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Gore Techs: Al Gore, Allegory, Nephilim Fossil Fuel

Source: Posted on December 30, 2020 by UponTheFaceOfTheWaters

Gore Techs: Al Gore, Allegory, Nephilim Fossil Fuel

Posted on December 30, 2020 by UponTheFaceOfTheWaters

Based on a video from Jason James Bickfordwhose channel “A Gnostic Reclamation” went dark seconds after I posted this article…hmm)

Life is a riddle, my dear reader. What if I told you, that the so-called “powers that be” are nothing more than pawns on a giant chessboard called Earth, posing riddle after riddle. Pawns moved by an invisible player on the other side of the board who wants to see who has eyes to see and ears to hear. Who will answer the call?

To everyone else, he speaks in parable.

Alien Conception

This riddle begins with a strange joke that was told by a Roswell researcher at a conference who said that we don’t know much about the Roswell crash of 1947, but we do know one thing, that nine months after Roswell, Al Gore was born.

Now why would he say that? He passes it off as an innocent joke, but perhaps he is concealing and revealing a truth, or at least, pointing you to a pattern that will be fleshed out in this post.

Is he implying that Al Gore was conceived by aliens? That he is a demon, or mask-wearing empty-body vessel, running on Archonic intelligence?

Or perhaps that the agenda which he would spear-head, the global warming hoax, was conceived as a result of the Roswell event? If they can’t get us to believe in their fake alien invasion, perhaps they can get their world dominance by scaring us of cataclysmic climate change…

In any case, Al Gore was the man behind the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” about so-called global warming, which we know is a hoax because first of all the earth isn’t a globe, and secondly there is no evidence from independent non-government agencies that the Earth is warming beyond its usual cycles of temperature fluxuations.

But why Al Gore? Why was he chosen, among all the elite to play this particular role? Look at his name – Al Gore – Allegory. “To them I speak in parable…” To them I speak in AL-le-GOR-y.

George: “You like it? It’s Gore Tex.” Jerry: “You like saying Gore Tex, don’t you?”

The show Seinfeld has been a known vehicle to hide some of these UCT puzzle pieces. There is one episode where George Costanza wears his GORE-Tex sweater, bragging about it to people. He loves his GORE-TECH. Gore Technology. And what technology is that? It is the real threat behind the fake climate change hoax. The climate isn’t changing due to temperature rises but due to their directed energy weapons and exotic warfare technologies that lie in wait or are already being used – including weather modification that can steer hurricanes, or starting fires with lasers from high altitude jets, or melting the twin towers…

Gore Techs. And yes it is getting pretty gory in here, as in bloody. This is a global warning. This is the inconvenient truth that Al WON’T talk about. This is what was conceived at Roswell.

Fossil Fuels

Now we are told that global warming is due to carbon emissions from burning of fossil fuels. We are told that this fuel which is an oil or sticky tar comes from extinct plants and animals including dinosaurs. The fact that they mention dinosaurs should raise a red flag for all the diligent researchers who know by now that dinosaurs are another hoax. Reptiles would never get that big, they thrive on being small, light and nimble. They would never be able to support that kind of weight. Dinosaur bones are never found by anyone independent, but always by government-funded expeditions and then the “evidence” is quickly buried in the black hole of the Smithsonian museum. No such thing as dinosaurs, sorry to burst your bubble.

So fossil fuels are “dinosaur fossils.” But behind every lie is a riddle that once cracked reveals a deeper truth. What are dinosaurs really? They are ancient, giant reptiles. In the bible we have the Watchers which mate with human women and spawn giants called the Nephilim or “men of renown.” Now these are not good beings but vicious and nasty and great battles were waged to take the Nephilim down. So if they are evil they are using their reptile brains, no mammalian warmth and charm. Giant reptile-brained creatures of old. Dinosaur is code for Nephilim. Fossil fuel – Nephilim fuel used to pollute the planet through sloppy living. Fight or flight mode living, not activating the pre-frontal cortex, the human brain, the empathy for the planet and others, the compassion to not take more than you need, to not trash and pollute your home.

Riotous, sloppy living in this way is aligning with the Archons, the principalities of darkness, the Nephilim incursion. Gore Technology.

Fossil fuel as a sticky tar; let’s look at the word “tar.” It’s an anagram for “art” so its misappropriated art. Art being again the higher capacities, the higher brain centers. Black tar as scrambled art; subliminal mind control sedative to keep man asleep.

We have the phenomenon of the black goo technology that appears in nature and in the Kaaba and seems artificial yet sentient . Then we see black goo in the Spiderman movies, in the film Lucy and many others. Burning tar makes smoke or smog, and we often see smoke monsters in for example the show Lost, Stranger Things, Raising Dion, the specters in His Dark Materials, the list goes on, they are inundating us with these sticky black tar monsters.

Spiderman, like many super-heroes plays Christ in the biblical drama. The sticky black goo is trying to “block the sun/son”

Interestingly enough, there is a type of heroin called “black tar” heroin. Heroin numbs out the higher brain centers as well. Heroin comes from poppies, and in the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy falls asleep in the field of poppies before she reaches the emerald city.

Carbon emissions

A Carbon atom has six protons, six neutrons and six electrons. 666, the number of the beast. But also the number of a man. Man and all life is carbon-based. But the Beast dwells below, in Hell or in the Hebrew System “Sheol.” They are tapping the Sheol for their oil. Sheol sounds like “Shell Oil.”

The Nephilim were supposedly sealed in Sheol, just like Satan was chained to the pit for a thousand years. But some managed to escape, and slipped back into our realm. In Jurassic Park they find dinosaur DNA and clone a baby dinosaur. The message is that GORE TECH will or is being used to summon the Giants/men of renown, to reconstitute the Watchers that were sealed in Sheol.

Meth Cookin’

When carbon is bound up with four hydrogen atoms (the four corners, the four horsemen of the apocalypse) we get methane. Methane is pollution, a carbon emission. It is also what you smell when you smell farts.

The show “Breaking Bad” is about making meth. Breaking bad – breaking wind, passing gas. The main character’s name is Walter White, (WW – 33). White is a symbol of purity, but he ends up wearing mostly black. So he is breaking bad or going bad by cooking up meth, becoming a drug kingpin. His purity is spoiled by greed, by meth or methane, something stinks, he is soiled by carbon 666 emissions, the number of the beast.

Block the Son

Al Gore was featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show, and the first question she asked him about was the rumor that scientists were really proposing to “block the sun” to combat global warming. This would involve spraying the atmosphere with particles that would make the sky go dark, which sounds like something out of the Book of the Apocalypse. Gore says that the plan is of course ridiculous, but what happens is subconsciously the idea has been planted, and is associated with him, Mr. Climate Change. That way the idea may not sound so preposterous when they get desperate enough to use their exotic energy weapons to REALLY heat things up in HERR’.

Then they will propose to “block the sun.” Or are they really proposing to block the Son, as in the Christ awakening. To, again, block man from the higher channels in his make-up that would allow him to access Christ Consciousness. Through the Son you will find the Father, for they are one.

Block the Son, Block the Christ Child

That’s all they can really threaten to do. But these are empty threats. What blocks the son is your falling for the fear porn. Falling for the hoaxes and not seeing the esoteric layering behind them. The hoaxes keep you in your fight-or-flight reptile brain. These giant lizards that were supposed to stay extinct are cooking something up and it is time that you saw that it stinks something rotten.

Viral Meme-Think

Then there was this reptile:

According to Wikipedia, Pepe the Frog became one of the most popular internet memes between 2008 and 2015, but had its image soiled in 2010 by becoming associated with the alt-right and white supremacy movements. Since I’m sure, diligent reader, you’ve done your homework once again and saw that the alt-right is another government-sponsored hoax to polarize and divide the nation, we can assume that Pepe was designed to be another reptile symbol, like the dinosaur, like the alien, like the black goo carbon emissions, IT’S ALL POINTING TO THAT PART OF YOUR BRAIN CALLED THE R-COMPLEX or REPTILE BRAIN. The precise anatomical feature that we need to start limiting, as awakening, evolving spiritual beings.

And in closing, the Pepe meme maps onto the TV show “The Good Place” where Jeff the doorman who alone controls access between Earth, Heaven and Hell, loves to collect frogs. And how many frogs has he collected, in the scene below? 322!

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