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Prophetic Dream About the Soul Destroying Intentions of the mRNA, Synthetic Zombie Protein Producing Vaccine | Hell Is Real, And The CV19 Vaccines Will Make Sure that Those Who Take Them Will Be Cut Off From God

I’m not trying to scare you…actually, I take that back. I’m trying to terrify you. Terrifying you to stop being such an intellectually complacent idiot with your discernment abilities stashed away in whatever echo-chamber you’ve been hanging out in for the duration of this Scamdemic. Humans have had a lot of bad ideas throughout history and have made a laundry list of poor decisions they wish they could take back. But of all the bad ideas recorded throughout this sad history, going and seeking out one of these mRNA vaccines might be the dumbest idea of all in this long sad history of these terrible ideas. There is no turning back once your DNA has been modified. That’s it. Your fate is sealed.

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Hell Is Real, And The CV19 Vaccines Will Make Sure that Those Who Take Them Will Be Cut Off From God | The CV19 vaccines will both change human DNA and our perception of God, those are two of the effects that these abominations will have on the human body, spirit and soul.. Why would they do this, what is the purpose of altering human DNA and our spiritual perception of God? If you are familiar with some of my other videos or a Christian, you will KNOW that we are in a spiritual war and that the bible has foretold of these times which are clearly revealing the biblical signs of the soon appearing of the end-times book of Revelation Antichrist, to rule over a one world government, which is what we are witnessing come together at this time..
VACCINES Can Alter, Change And Rewrite Human DNA With Whatever Other Sequence Is Chosen! | There are uninformed people who are claiming that vaccines do not have the capability to alter and change human DNA, the truth and reality is that they can, and scientists have also developed a programmable vaccine using the CRISPR technology which has the ability to re programme DNA and cells with whatever the scientific globalists desire.. Just think what can happen if this technology is used against humanity and the horrific dangers that could represent, from severe sickness, death and even the sterilisation of the entire human population, if you don’t think they would do this then just slip on back to sleep, nothing to see here!
Corona JABS Will Unleash The Beast, The Devil Is In The Detail! | Once you take those JABS there is no going back, you CANNOT get that serum removed, you will immediately become part of the beast system and it’s hideous technology!

I was sent the below email from one of my subscribers who I am happy decided to share with me this fascinating prophetic dream that he had about being held down and forcefully administered a DNA helix modifying procedure of sorts. A procedure that very much emulates the mRNA mutilating, synthetic zombie protein generating process that these new nanotechnology infused “vaccines(they aren’t even vaccines)” will trigger within the bodies of those foolish enough to go out and get one of these unnecessary and malignant injections. I am glad that he knew I’d be open minded enough to see the value in the parable that I believe is embedded within this dream that he had. English is not his first language, so forgive any nuances in the grammar from the translation from Italian.

Hi Mr. Jerry, I am writing to you because I think you are the only person who can understand me, excuse me for my English which starts from a slightly limping Italian, I am self-taught thank goodness.
Like you, I seek the path of Truth and often the Lord helps me, with signs, intuitions and rarely precognitions. I get to the point, last night I had a dream that to define terrible is little, now I try to carry it out;
It is night and I am chased by two henchmen who have chains around their chest and arms, only the forearms and hands can move, they are almost zombie possessed. I think I managed to escape, when from the top of a hill I see a white car that I know is driven by HaSatan speeding by, it crosses an intersection at a crazy speed and shortly after it crashes with a big explosion. Still at the top of the hill I start laughing with joy thinking I am safe, not even a second passes and I find him in front of me and the two zombies behind me trying to keep me still, at which point I shove my inseparable dagger into his chest, but he laughs in my face and absorbs it into my body as if nothing had happened. He has a human appearance, nothing monstrous apart from his laugh. He is olive-skinned with long, black raven hair all shot upwards. As they hold me still with an electric drill he pierces my ribs to bolt my chains as his servants, then I try with prayers and say the Our Father, but nothing happens and he laughs at me even more, relishing in my anguish in my face and starts threading holes into my ribcage the with a tap wrench. Inside me I am wondering why I don’t feel any pain? (and why don’t I wake up? it’s too much of a dream like that).
Then in despair I try with another prayer, the prayer of the Holy Cross for the exorcism of St. Benedict, which I know in Latin, but I recite it in a totally different way. The first time I recite it I see that the damned are no longer laughing, I then I repeat it with all the desperation and strength of my voice and the bastard dissolves. I finally wake up shaking and wet with sweat, instinctively I immediately look for paper and pen . That’s why I am writing to you for prayer, at the cost of being ridiculous or worse in your eyes it doesn’t matter.
It is no longer the prayer of the Holy Cross (ambiguous symbol) nor of St. Benedict, and here is how I recited it:
Holy Father Benedict
Holy Father Benedict you are my light
may not the devil be my leader
turn away, satan
Devil do not lure me to vanities
your drinks are bad
Devil drink your poisons yourself.

We are experiencing extraordinarily terrible moments and I interpret this dream like this:

The chains (DNA). The drill, (the syringe) the two holes (the two vax pfizer and moderna create the empty space in the DNA, that’s why two or more doses). The ribs (medulla other objective vax, Adam towards Eve). The tap wrench that threads the hole (Helix, the other vaccines fill the empty spaces and create a new helix, perhaps the third 3×22, however it is a new DNA). Prayer? A protection that invalidates their plan?
The white car (hospitals, doctors?). The speed (they are in such a hurry, why? Because perhaps soon more and more people will start to see them in their true horrifying form/appearance. I am not talking about the various transgendered EGI(elite gender inverted) VIPs and Hollywood stars. The Caininites are known to have been “made” and birthed as sterile androgynous creatures and do not require sex change operations to achieve this Baphometic genderless form. How they are actually birthed I don’t know. Maybe from eggs? Is this something only a Queen bee like birthing goddess can achieve? Sex change operations are only used on our poor Adamite children who are often born into this horrifying lifestyle or kidnapped and forced to. Lately I’ve noticed that all these miserable and horrible transgendered VIP’s, Hollywood stars and EL-ites are all pregnant.
The incident (most people don’t get vaccinated so will they will use this to force a war?). The chains (DNA). The dagger (our physical weapons are useless). The drill, (the syringe) the two holes (the two pfizer and modern vaccines that create the empty space in the DNA, that’s why two or more doses). The ribs (marrow another target of the vaccine, Adam towards Eve). The tap wrench that threads the hole (The Helix, the other vaccines fill the empty spaces and create a new helix, perhaps even a third 3×22 helix, however it is a new DNA). Prayer? If said with enthusiasm and faith is it a protection that invalidates their plan and dissolves the poisons of hasatan ?. .

Here is a paper from Moderna about mRNA Vaccines:

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