#LiberalismIsADisease, #QAnon, #wwg1wga, 2020 Election, 2nd Amendment, ANTIFA & BLM Savages, Armageddon, Civil War Alert

RED ALERT! CIVIL WAR ALERT! Stop the Steal Protesters Storm the Capitol. Mike Pence Evacuated via Underground Passage

Great. I just got a sweet new girlfriend & now Civil War is about to happen and I don’t even get to enjoy it. Just my luck. Fuck my life. Why did Q have to “allow them to cheat” so they could supposedly catch them in the act? This must have been what they wanted all along. I don’t even have any prepper shit or stashes of automatic guns I can mount on 4×4’s “Twisted Metal” style. “Twisted Metal 2” might be one of the best video games ever made. Could some rich sub Bitcoin me a bunch of cash so I can arm up? My address is in the “About” section. I’d definitely be an effective rebel. Like, really effective. All I think about is how I’d best mount an organized resistance and how satisfying it would be to mow down “Soyboys”.

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