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ANTIFA Thugs Were Escorted to “Stop the Steal” Protest at Capitol Building & Impersonated Trump Supporters & Caused the Bulk of the Chaos

The lamestream is trying to get away with embarrassingly obvious false flag despicability yet again. Do not let your libtard acquaintances get away with asserting that it was crazed Trump supporters who were responsible for the chaos and destruction that went down yesterday. Here is undisputable proof that the perpetrators were left wing militants that had the full support of the D.C. police and were strategically placed in the most visible parts of the Capitol Building for these photo-ops that the press then used to try to slander Trump supporters and then in turn label them as violent revolutionaries. Not happening. It’s the DemonRats who have been involved in one long drawn out violent revolution and coup de tat against President Trump. They are the ones enabling the violent thugs. And not just by their rhetoric like what they accuse Trump of doing, but they actually physically and financially support them. They were supporting them with shuttle caravans to travel to the event with police escorts and all! It’s unfriggingbelievable.

ANTIFA reject posing as MAGA supporter.
Here they are at a Philly ANTIFA event.
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