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“I want it in somebody’s arm”: Cuomo Threatens $100K Fine For Hospitals that Fail to use up COVID Vaccine Supply by Friday

“I want it[NOVID-VAX] in somebody’s arm” – ANDREW CUOMO

Well that’s a bit much, don’t you think? That doesn’t sound off any alarm bells? Doesn’t that kind of tone seem a bit overzealous? Almost as if a “higher power” is all over Andrews’ ass to get these viles of demon juice into its victims with suspiciously eager haste? I don’t think I’ve ever seen politicians so obsessed with pushing anything on a population the way these guys are foaming at the mouth to jam a needle filled with Novid-vax poison into the arms of as many citizens as physically possible. You really think Andrew Cuomo cares THAT much about your health? Blaahaha. Disinfecting his nipple rings are a higher priority than your life. I put together a little ensemble of Andrews’ stint on the public stage as one of the main public voices and representative of the Novid-pushing leadership shills. Just as a reminder as to who or what this guy really is and what he’s all about.

Governor Cuomo is Not Wearing His Mask tsk tsk
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Source: By. PFW News | on January 5, 2021

“I want it in somebody’s arm”: Cuomo Threatens $100K Fine For Hospitals that Fail to use up COVID Vaccine Supply by Friday

According to Gov. Cuomo, the state’s hospitals have dispensed fewer than half of their allocated doses since the start of distribution.

ByPFW News | on January 5, 2021

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has threatened hospitals with a burly fine if they do not administer all the COVID-19 vaccines in their inventory by Friday.

“I don’t want the vaccine in a fridge or a freezer, I want it in somebody’s arm,” Cuomo said during a Monday news conference. “If you’re not performing this function, it does raise questions about the operating efficiency of the hospital.”

On Sunday, NY’s health department sent a letter to hospitals stating they could face a $100,000 fine for failing to use the vaccine inventory currently in hand by end of day on January 7.

The letter also informs providers that, moving forward, they must use all of their vaccine allotment within seven days of receipt with failure to do so resulting in more serious sanctions and fines, including being disqualified from future distribution.

“All vaccine in inventory prior to January 4, including prior set asides, must be fully administered to eligible priority populations by end of day on January 7, 2021,” the letter reads, adding, “Any doses that are not administered by end of day on January 7 will be redistributed to another facility and future allocations to such facilities will be limited, and possibly eliminated.”

According to Gov. Cuomo, the state’s hospitals have dispensed fewer than half of their allocated doses since the start of distribution.

The Center for Disease Control suggests the rate is lower, reporting that as of Tuesday only a third of the 934,925 vaccines distributed in NY have been administered.

Vaccination Rates In Florida Spark State Action

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced at the start of the week that providers performing a “good job of getting the vaccine out” will be receive doses from other facilities that fail to administer the jab quick enough.

“Hospitals that do not do a good job of getting the vaccine out will have their allocations transferred to hospitals that are doing a good job at getting the vaccine out,” DeSantis said.

File:Ron DeSantis (33090874326).jpg
Florida Gov. Ron Desantis speaking at the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

“We do not want vaccine to just be idle at some hospital system,” he added without going as far as NY and issuing fines.

According to the CDC, Florida has dispensed less than a quarter of the 1.14 million doses it has received.

To help boost the numbers, the state plans to deploy an additional 1,000 nurses to administer vaccines while keeping state-run vaccination sites open seven days a week.


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