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I have to admit that while most “Mandela Effects” have not seemed to have affected me, there are a few startling ones that I have run into. The most obvious one of all, to me at least, is the “You like me, you really like me” acceptance speech by Sally Field. She never said that shit.

The Monopoly Man not having a monocle also got to be, but I think that can be explained by confusing him with Mr. Peanut.

But this one about the change in the “Ice Ice Baby” lyrics is straight-up undeniable. I know this song damn well, the line is: “if YOU GOT a problem, yo I’ll solve it“. It’s NOTif THERE WAS a problem, yo I’ll solve it“. That doesn’t even make any damn sense or sound right. In fact, listening to the song now is almost rattling to hear the current, supposedly original version. That’s NOT how it was. I can literally play the song back in my head like a digital copy. That’s how vividly I am able to remember certain songs. Especially rhyming rap lyrics. I can play them back in my head with a vividness and clarity that is uncanny, and I’m POSITIVE that my brain recorded the lyrics “if YOU GOT a problem”. Case closed. No second guessing. No unsurity. I’m positive.

MANDELA EFFECT: Vanilla Ice Ice Baby

This channel has a lot of good Mandela Effect videos which I’ve put below. I found several other good ones from some of the related channels as well. Like I said before, I used to be a skeptic of the Mandela Effect, but not so much anymore. The change in the orientation of the stars in the night sky is also a BIG Mandela Effect and even “w0tm“, who is this old-timer ex-scientist & researcher for the government who had a brief stint on YouTube, is a bona-fide believer in the Mandela Effect and talks about these startling Astronomical anomalies/changes and all the different Astronomers he’s spoken to who assert the same thing as the others: that the night sky is now “off” by nearly 100k years. I did a whole post on this guy where he talks about Tesla & The Mandela Effect.

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