2020 Election

Newsbreak 104: Election Machine Technicalities

This really blows the lid off this entire pre-planned joke of a rigged election. The entire election was under the control of various foreign entities and bad actors. The hatestream media has been exposing the weaknesses in these voting systems for years and now that they’ve been caught helping to foreign powers to exploit these same vulnerabilities to prevent the election of Trump and then help to cover this up after the fact. It doesn’t even matter how much fraud took place during the actual voting tabulation. The Dominion system is not supposed to be networked to anywhere else outside the local facility, yet its been shown without a shadow of a doubt that it was connected to various foreign systems who were changing the votes in real time. That alone, right there, by itself, COMPLETELY invalidates the current results and nullifies Joe Biden as the current President-elect. We also have the F.B.I. swooping in and ordering the ballots to be shredded, which in itself is a Federal crime, so we have the Feds committing Federal crimes to cover up this insane act of fraud.

KEY PLAYERS: John Puolos, Eric Coomer, Edison Research Group, Dominion

2020 Stolen Election by Dominion Voter Systems – Hammer & Scorecard – CONSERVATIVE BUSINESS JOURNAL

Informative conversation with Thomas of Alpha Omega Energy, a prime researcher who uncovered the Dominion Voting Machine network across the world and describes the connections this company has with China Telecom and Huawei as well as other connections obviously on an European, Asian, South African communications network which permits data breach and transmittal of election data in real time on a 2-way stream worldwide.

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