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WHAT REALLY HAPPENED On January 6th? Rudy Giuliani explains

Gen. McInerney has made the claim that entire ordeal at the Capitol Building was nothing but a strategic diversionary operation in order to get undercover NSA agents into the building to gain access to the computers of certain dirty politicians. I’m not quite sure why they would even need to do that if they had access to their fancy quantum super computers that can access any machine on the planet. However, I am sure there are clever ways to hide from that thing and that’s why they had to put boots on the ground to go in and actually physically access these specific laptops. They can’t censor the whole damn World Wide Web, but they’re certainly going to try.

Source: What really happened on January 6th? Rudy Giuliani explains [VIDEO]

(Rumble) – In the new Iron Curtain of censorship, the repetition of the narrative is almost word for word identical on ABC, CBS, NBC, some days now even Fox, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post all the papers as if they’re the organ of the Democratic Party….

Source: What really happened on January 6th? Rudy Giuliani explains [VIDEO]

👇Look at how nasty, vile and downright frantic the lamestream has been to silence anyone and everything that might expose them and their bosses as the despicable animals they are. We knew they weren’t going to go down without a fight, but I didn’t think it would look THIS ugly.👇

Source: By. Blake MontgomeryReporter/Editor | The Daily Beast | Published Jan. 09, 2021 6:31PM ET 

YouTube Removes Video From Rudy Giuliani Flogging Bogus Capitol Riot Theory


Blake MontgomeryReporter/Editor | Published Jan. 09, 2021 6:31PM ET 

YouTube removed a conspiratorial video from Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, late Saturday. Giuliani had titled the video “What Really Happened on January 6th?” in reference to the pro-Trump violence that overtook the U.S. Capitol building. Amid the backlash against the president for his speech encouraging the rioters and against those who pushed the lies about the election that fueled them, some conservatives have attempted to distance themselves by claiming that those in the Capitol were anti-fascists who intended to discredit Trump, a claim supported by no evidence. The day before, Twitter “permanently suspended” Trump’s account, and YouTube banned two channels operated by Steve Bannon.

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