2020 Election, Cabal Arrests & Executions, Civil War Alert, False Flag

Trump Declares Emergency In DC as 15,000 Troops Enter Washington | Twitter HQ “Protest” Will Most Likely Be Antifa Dressed as MAGA

While all this scripted insanity is playing itself out, focus on what not to do, rather than worrying about what you should actively do. None of us have the power to affect any of these outcomes unfortunately. Just focus your efforts on not falling into one of these very obvious traps. So long as your cognizant of the preordained nature of these political ruses, you can protect yourself from getting emotionally caught up in their bullshit. No matter how many of us stay away from these protests, there will inevitably be a group of collaborating actor-agents that are going to instigate some kind of staged gunfight, followed by a very deliberate and predictable leftstream push at radical gun reform. Take it the soon-to-be-digital-only bank. They can pry my shotguns out from in between my dead cold fingers. I don’t care what kind of cockamamy unconstitutional legislation they try to pass. If the Sandy Hook PsyOp wasn’t able to make their freedom-dashing reforms come to fruition, a couple of fake dead protestors ain’t doing shit. Let em have at it in vain. Let them tire themselves out and flash the remaining of their desperate colors. They can’t get any uglier. They delusionally think people still take them seriously. Let’s show them how much a joke we know they are.

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