Cabal Arrests & Executions, Children's Crusade HOAXER, Pedophilia, Pentagon Pedophile Task Force HOAXER, Scams, Frauds & Con-Artists

GENE DECODE, URGENT INTEL! MESSAGE To The ALLIANCE, Insurrection Act, Martial Law, Trump, Fake D.C. Troops, Nancy Pelosi, Italy, National Guard, New Election!

I’m sorry Gene, but your close affiliation with Timothy Charles Holmseth discredits you. If your vetting skills are poor enough to have allowed for a serial pedophile to dupe you into believing he is head of “The Pentagon Pedophile Task Force”, then I struggle with the rest of your claims.

OK. So I’m only posting this so you guys can have an idea of what’s being talked about by certain factions in the muddied alternative news community and can be fascinated with the imagination and persuasiveness of Gene. The guy is incredibly convincing, but still a con-artist through and through. He’s best fucking friends with TIMOTHY CHARLES HOLMSETH. He vouched for the fucking PENTAGON PEDOPHILE TASK FORCE which was a made up con-job that was created by admitted pedophiles Timothy Holmseth & Field McConnell. So forgive me if I have a hard time believing Gene Decode, as much as I want to. And how come only “New Age” channels and websites host Gene and others like him? Anyway, you can go ahead and watch anyway. There might be some truth in what Gene is saying, but unfortunately the Holmseth connection likely discredits most of it. But I need to keep an open mind.

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