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I had been neglecting by beloved “Crater Earth” theory and somehow missed this newish video that the theories’ discoverer “Godgevlamste” had put out. We can thank the tyrannical overlords at YouTube for making sure it didn’t appear in my feed despite having been subscribed with notifications on. His subscriber count is literally at the exact same level I remember it being at last time I checked his channel, which is IMPOSSIBLE. Sigh…YouTube will get their comeuppance eventually.

While we are on the subject, I found another gem of a channel yesterday with all sorts of incredible videos along these lines. “Divergent“: He is one of the most thoroughly awake content creators I’ve ever come across and focuses a lot on the undeniable theory that our planet(or Crater) is one big giant quarry that was heavily mined and then flooded at some point in the remote past by a previous super civilization of giants who dominated our world before the last reset. A reset that wasn’t as long ago as you might think. He also has a fascinating take on the “Orphan Train” phenomenon and asserts that these children were biogenetic creations in a lab, not the surviving children of a global cataclysm or Apocalyptic World War. I’m not so sure about that, but he has some fascinating decodes on the topic via season 3 of Westworld. I put his playlists below. I think a lot of his best stuff is on Patreon but I’m going to send him a message and try to get some additional information out of him. I can’t find anything on this unique take that he has on the “Orphan Trains”, so hopefully he can point me in the right direction and indulge me.

Published on Jan 1, 2021

John Levi put out a new video on “Orphan Trains” recently. This is something that more people need to be aware of and can help to provide that initial spark that a lot of people need to startle them out of the sheepletard rutt that most people are stuck in and get them to start taking a lot of this stuff much more seriously. Giving these topics and alternatives takes on world history the legs they deserve. Don’t pay any attention to the lamestream shills like “SciManDan” who try to relentlessly mock the supporters of these kinds of groundbreaking theories. Let me worry about embarrassing internet scum like him into submission. You should see what I do to the Darwinists and Atheists. I have people who message me privately to tell me that they watch certain comments sections on YouTube just to see me “roll around in the jello pit” (as they say) with these pretentious lamestream gatekeepers. Glad to do it.

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