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The Capitol Story is Looking Real Shady

Ummm… ya think? Its so frigging sloppy that I was even able to convince my raging leftist atheist Trump Deranged sister that it was all one big Occult False Flag ritual. That’s saying A LOT. I mean A LOT A LOT. You have no idea just how meaningful that is to hear her say: “this time you might right“. That’s how bad this is. It’s baaad. If you are somehow still in denial and actually believe that it was a Trump inspired and instigated MAGA insurrection, then your family needs to start looking into group homes to check you into because you clearly aren’t capable of operating at an intellectual level that’s lines up with that of a normal human. Go ahead and have a meltdown. Just do it inside the group home. I’m sick of you dumb fuck libtard millennial cringe bags.

THE TIK TOK FILES: The Capitol Story is Looking Real Shady
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