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Is There a Secret Plan to Save Our Republic? Will Biden Be Inaugurated? Is it All the Final Trap? | Exclusive – Lin Wood LIVE: A Debt Free U.S.A.? Was Treason Truly Committed?

I’m glad that the people over at “Before Its News” have not completely fallen head over heels for all the rhetoric coming out of the Q & New Age sources who keep advocating for us to just trust this supposed secret plan that’s in the works. That being said, I think the ultimate deception will be what they end up doing with their following after the fact. Meaning, I think that there is and always has been a “plan” to dissolve our current broken system of Governance while appearing to vanquish these crusty old Luciferian overlords who currently run the show. When these New Age alt-news personalities are proven right about all these predictions they’ve been making, they will have people eating out of their hands. Allowing them to use their newly acquired power and following to lead people far far away from God and into the Legion Spirit owned and operated New Age. Complete with Chakras, Kundalini Yoga, “Oneness”, & their trademark “you are your own God” rhetoric.

But in the meantime it’s OK to get excited about the possibility of “Revaluation” & NESARA being implemented while also jumping for joy watching Biden & Kamal Aroush Harris get stiff-armed from getting anywhere near the oval office. That’s all unless they try to stage a Biden assassination on inauguration day and trigger Civil War. Didn’t mean to scare anyone by ending with that.

Source: https://m.beforeitsnews.com/opinion-conservative/2021/01/is-there-a-secret-plan-to-save-our-republic-will-biden-be-inaugurated-is-it-all-the-final-trap-just-informed-talk-video-3561823.html

Is There a Secret Plan to Save Our Republic? Will Biden Be Inaugurated? Is it All the Final Trap? – Just Informed Talk Video

Friday, January 15, 2021 19:07

The people needed to see it is getting old. People believe or they don’t. Facts are facts. It’s starting to look like we’ll be trusting the plan in Fema camps. There were a lot of orthodox Christians in the Gulags of Soviet Russia, just saying.

Maybe God is blinding the enemy so they can not see what is coming. I am sure GOD isn’t very happy about the child stuff going on. I pray GOD will give Trump and the patriots a decisive and complete victory over our enemy. WWG1WGA.

To tell you the truth I have been listening to Parkes for a very long time, more than a decade. He has been in the “conspiracy” world for a very long time blowing the whistle on rothschild’s and satanic ritual abuse for at least 15 years. Not saying he is credible, just letting you know he didn’t pop out of nowhere. He only has a larger following now because everybody else has been purged. I always felt he was kind of suspect if only because he said he was raised in an illuminati family. I hope we are not being duped, it is highly possible this whole thing is a massive psyop, where people play bad guys and are happy to do it like the Clinton’s. Like you said have faith in God defeating evil!

Source: https://m.beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2021/01/exclusive-lin-wood-live-a-debt-free-u-s-a-was-treason-truly-committed-1152021-3739592.html

Exclusive – Lin Wood LIVE: A Debt Free U.S.A.? Was Treason Truly Committed (1/15/2021)

Friday, January 15, 2021 21:01

EXCLUSIVE – Lin Wood LIVE: A Debt Free America? Was Treason Truly Commited?

PC Radio show with Steve and Rick, live interview with Lin Wood.

The Democratic Party went full communism many, many years ago, they have a plan and they are following it to the letter of their Law.

They change the rules of the game as they see fit, demonizing patriotism.

Now censorship of Patriot political voices, this is dangerous to our democracy.

Lin Wood clears the air and shares a couple of avenues, that the coming events, could take.

Either direction these events follow, it’s going to be a real challenge for all of us who consider ourselves patriots and supporters of the constitution.

Look what they are trying to do now! 

Rene PinkBrick EXCLUSIVE- Lin Wood LIVE: A Debt Free U.S.A.? Was Treason 

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