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GOP FAKE RESISTANCE. TOO LITTLE TO LATE? THE DECLINE AND FALL OF THE REPUBLIC | Has This All Been One Big Diversionary PsyOp to Allow China to Execute a Full Takeover of the U.S.? | One Great Planned Reset. One Party to Rule Them All



If you haven’t watched the below video yet, please do before proceeding….👇

Let’s first go over what I’m certain about, because there isn’t much that I am.

  • The DemonRat Globalist Lefty Deep State has sold America out to the Chinese Communist Party and is now trying to get rid of Trump as quickly as possible so he is unable to use his executive power to mount any kind of defense against this foriegn inspired,, but domestically assisted, full blown coup.
  • The Capitol Building “Insurgency” was carried out by civilian(CIA) & military(DIA) intelligence agency actor agents that consisted of both left & right wing agitators. None of them were authentic civilians with an organic political affiliation. All of them were professional actor-agent provocateurs. ALL OF THEM. The Sullivan Brothers are a perfect example of this manufactured divisive paridigm. They’re all ALL working together.
  • All these recent warnings from the F.B.I. of a right-wing Insurgency that’s being planned by “radical wing militias” for the inauguration of Biden in D.C., are all a result of the F.B.I. planting false stories using their complicit media propoganda rags, while simultaneously trying to recruit authentic, but naive MAGA supporters to join these counterfeit rebellion efforts and dupe them into showing up to the inauguration so they can then conveniently have someone to blame when they attempt to execute “Project Martyr”, which is a False Flag PsyOp where they plan to fake assassinate their fake Biden and then use that as an excuse to go out and round up all the firearms. This will allow for as little resistance as possible when they open the doors for the Chicom takeover. The Chinese have troops laying in wait, positioned in Canada for the signal at this very moment. They are even trying to ban bullet proof vests for God’s sake! They don’t even want us to be able to defend ourselves when these foreign troops show up on American soil and begin to take out any resistance.
  • The only thing currently standing in their way of this subversive & treasonous plan is an orange painted Occultist billionaire who happens to be our President and is one of the few who is well aware of these plans and has his own contingencies in place to try to thwart this(hopefully). Though if they allow Biden to be sworn in, it may be too late.

What I’m not sure of, but highly suspicious of.

  • Whether or not Juan O’Savin is a CIA actor-agent, or actually JFK Jr. working with Q and the President behind the scenes. There is lots of very convincing evidence out there that the entire “JFK Jr. is alive and also Q” narrative is in fact legit. But there are also red flags.
  • Whether or not certain “New Age” truthers like Robert David Steele, Simon Cowles & Charlie Ward are also intel agency PsyOps(both British MI6 & CIA/DIA) and have been tasked with keeping as many people as complacent as possible for as long as possible as this all transpires, by assuring us of a secret plan that’s in the works by these “White Hats”🤮, behind the scenes, only to relent at the last moment once they are sure the Chicom takeover is ripe for the taking. I don’t include Gene Decode in this classification because I am SURE that he is full of monkey shit, simply from his close affiliation with fugitive con-artist pedophile Timothy Charles Holmseth.
  • Whether or not Trump, General Flynn, Ezra Cohen and others within the executive branch have an actual viable plan to stop this, or if Trump has been a proxy shared hivemind of Jared Kushner this whole time who has been readying these plans behind the scenes, setting the table and being the main antagonist in assisting to bring forth this New World Order. Complete with the desolution of the American Republic, forced vaccinations, a military police state, transhumanist aspirations, digital block-chain currency, and of course, this One World Tyrannical Government.
  • Whether or not there is still any validity to these NESARA & Revaluation rumors that we’ve been hearing so much about. It’s not looking good, but in the “Art of War”, things often look most helpless right before a sudden victory. So I haven’t lost ALL hope just yet. But I’m not going to lie, it’s not looking good.

I am not trying to be cynical or wishy washy. I know people want answers, but I’m not giving you what you want, I’m giving you what you need. An honest assessment. I’m not going to be one of those people who tells you what you want to hear to get clicks or gain popularity. It should be pretty obvious by now that I am not one to seek admiration or acceptance from anyone. I can take the heat. That’s why I do this. It would be bullshit for me to cling onto some of my past, more optimistic speculations. That would be unfair, irresponsible and wholly unhelpful. There are far too many people selling hopium for popularity these days and I’m not a drug peddler. I call them like I see them and what’s best for anyone is always the truth. But I am sorry to have to say this. But you don’t have to accept my apology. You just have to hear me out. I haven’t lost ALL hope, but this is the most nightmarish of any of the potential scenarios I could have ever feared for. I’ve never wanted to be wrong about something so badly before in my life. I’m praying that this post gets thrown back in my face for years to come. I’d like nothing more than that.



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