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“CLAW-NAUGURATION”: Claws All Around at Reptilian Shapeshift Inauguration Powwow | Anons Are Telling Themselves They[The Deep State & Biden/Harris] Are All Dead🤭🤥🥱

I frigging love this guy, YahushuahBenDavid. His narration brings entertainment to a whole new level. Don’t think because he has a cooky narration style and obvious eccentric personality that this somehow discredits what he’s saying. These Shapeshifting Reptoids are very much real and he does a very colorful job at pointing this out. There’s also the saga of the continuous battle of attrition that he is constantly sucked into by this specific posse of Reptilian deceivers who have apparently hijacked the social media accounts of the late Sherry Shriner and have been impersonating and harassing him across several different platforms. That in itself is an absolutely riveting storyline on his channel to follow. I promise you’ll have a grand ol’ time with YahushuahBenDavid.

Matrix Veil Lifting: Claws on Reptilian Shapeshifters
2 veil lifting Joe-Bidden , Kamala Harris = JOE CAMEL
ORIGINAL VIDEO: Inauguration Day Senior Democrats, GOP leaders pay tribute to Biden, Harris
Copy of Reptilian Shape Shifting Claw Hands
Rupert Murdoch_s got some creepy hands! lol
The Claws of Queen Elizabeth & Prince Phillip | MP4

Reptilian Favorites Playlist

They Live Files: A Compilation of Lizards


I abandoned Q all the way back in July. It’s time everyone else shakes themselves free of that deceptive & malevolent esoteric PsyOp. We don’t need to be pushing dumb shit like this. 👇

My God… this is what they are going with now?

I knew that the Q crowd was going to have some stupid narrative to explain away the inauguration and why these stupid non-existant “white hats” with the “Alliance” are still actually in control. I wasn’t disappointed. Before YouTube yanked the video, Pryme had a livestream going titled “They’re All Dead. Illusion of Victory. *Inauguration Arrests & Tribunals”. Return of Trump“. The title speaks for itself. He’s right about one thing. It’s all an illusion. But the real illusion is that these are authentic human beings we’ve been dealing with. Human beings with varying levels of benevolence. In reality, NONE are them are human or benevolent. Trump included. He’s most certainly NOT the benevolent representative of some stupid “Alliance”. They ALL work together on big-picture stuff and they ALL despise humanity. When it comes to who rules this planet, you can count on it always being the same group of non-human Reptilian Shapeshifting Serpent-seed bred, legion spirit-possesed entities carrying out their same deceptive, control mechanism-oriented ruse on humanity. Giving us the illusion of a choice between one divisive faction over another.

The Bible Warned About Serpent Seeds Dressed As Mankind
Dragons in Potters Clay

That’s not to say they always get along with one and other. There is certainly infighting once and a while as they battle it out and squabble for power in these “blue blood” Civil wars from time to time. Hence why you’ll hear someone like Robert Deniro call Trump a “mutt” during one of his crazed hate-spewing tantrums, as Trump apparently is not as pure bred of a serpent as many of the others are. But a serpent he is none the less. None of them are looking out for the best interests of humanity no matter how much they may appear to be on the surface. You have Reptilians like David Icke who may appear to be on our side, but ultimately cannot be trusted. As much as I appreciate a lot of what David Icke says from time to time, you can never trust a Reptilian, like Kinninigan says. Reptoids like him exist simply so they can have gatekeepers for all narratives in the “truth” community. It’s all about control. If they could control you with the truth, they would. They’ve simply found that deception is far more effective. The best deception always mixes in a certain amount truth to begin with. Similar to the concept of “Gray Magick”.

The purest bred of all the Reptilian families is known as the “Dragon Family” and they live as oligarchs in China and Russia. The Chinese family is top dog. Supposedly. I threw together a few videos on the topic below.

History of the Royal Dragon Bloodline – ROBERT SEPEHR
LUNA 1111: The Dragon Societies_💮The Order of the White Lotus_White Dragon🐉
Xi_ We call ourselves descendants of the dragon
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