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Was Biden at the U.S. Capitol When These Papers Were Signed? Was the Inauguration a Staged Event?

Well well well. Yet another anomaly from that bizzare and straight up horrifying Marxist spectacle that was the 2021 Presidential inauguration. Complete with a Baphometic tranny singing “God Bless America” and a shapeshifting old pedophile with alzheimers who had no idea where he was and was embarrassingly locked out of the White House as his wife nervously embraced him and he mindlessly repeated the lines being fed to him through an earpiece and was later shunned by the military who turned their backs to his motorcade as he passed by. What a day! Don’t worry though libtards. It wasn’t your fault. The handful of legitimate votes that were cast by those dumb enough to support Joe Biden & Kamal Aroush Harris were not what got them into the White House. Criminal DemonRat operatives were the ones responsible for pulling that off. You guys are in the clear. Most of what you say and do has little meaning and no effect on anyone with an IQ over 100 anyway. This was no different. The Deep State has your back. Now go get your vaccines. Pleeeeease….

Source: AIM Truth Bits / American Intelligence Media | January 25, 2021

Was Biden at the U.S. Capitol When These Papers Were Signed? Was the Inauguration a Staged Event?

AIM Patriot ‘Just Sayin’ sends in the picture and video below for your consideration. Geez…are we looking at Joe Biden, fake president, sign away the United States to the Brits right there in Buckingham Palace…. and the inauguration was pre-taped or faked? Anything is possible in this clown world!!

Many people have questioned the inauguration video. There was the disappearing Lady in Pink and Jill Biden’s shoe color change in the middle of the event. Lots of other anomalies folks have noticed.

This should be easy to verify. Is there a room in the Capitol Building that looks like this? This would have been done immediately after the inauguration in a side room before everyone left the building.

Get a closer look of the room in which Biden and others are gathered. President Biden signs his first executive orders in office

Lady in Pink

UPDATE (January 24, 2021 8:29 EST): The room has been identified as being in the Capitol:

The President’s Room is one of the most ornate rooms in the United States Capitol, richly adorned with fresco paintings by Italian artist Constantino Brumidi. The room was completed in 1859 as part of the Capitol’s vast extension, which added new Senate and House wings and the new cast-iron dome.

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