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NYT Begs Court to Dismiss Veritas Defamation Lawsuit; Admits Article Inaccuracies Under Oath!

These lawyers actually cited the algorithmic Wikipedia & Google search results in their motion to dismiss the lawsuit!!! AAAAAHAHAHA….
Congratulations to Joel Kurtzberg, Dana Green, Tobin Raju & David McGraw for drafting up a motion that would have forced their law professor to fail them on the spot if this had been a motion they had filed during one of the mock-trials being held as one of their in-class assignments at whatever prestigious law school they attended.. You know Michael Beller is feeling much better today as this legal clown-posse has taken some of the heat off as they join him in the ongoing competition for dumbest lawyer of the year honors.

This was an incredible video by James O’Keefe. This is one of the most humiliating things that has ever happened to the New York Times and the lawyers who drafted up this outrageous and comedic motion to dismiss the lawsuit, where they cited “Google & Wikipedia” results, while also wildly contradicting themselves over and over, will surely end up haunting this team of despicable sell-out clownbag liberal foot-soldier lawyers for the the rest of their lives. I don’t think their firm will be assigning any of these guys to anymore high profile cases after this debacle. This is seriously one of the more embarrassing and audacious motions I’ve ever seen any legal council make the mistake of submitting to a judge in such a closely followed case like this. I really hope we have an honorable judge assigned to this case. I will likely end up eating those words with the way things have been playing out on the state level in our court system of late. But I don’t want to be so cynical about everything all the time. There is a chance the judge will be fair. That is unless they have blackmail material on him like in the case of Supreme Court Justice John Roberts and Federal Judge Emmitt Sullivan.

I really hope James O’Keefe has a good security detail these days. Leftist operatives have brutally murdered people over far far less. He’s a thorn in their side that they would have no issue whatsoever using up one of their dissociated mind-control assets on and sacrificing that asset in an attempt to remove O’Keefe and Veritas from the equation. All in the name of their despicable Bolshevickian anti-American cause. Be careful bro.


Here’s a sampling of some of the NYT slander pieces on Veritas. Nice to see the are playing it safe by keeping them up. LOL.

The timing of the deceptive video, which accuses Ilhan Omar of voter fraud, indicates that several conservatives, including Donald Trump Jr., may have known about it in advance.

Researchers say a Project Veritas video accusing Ilhan Omar of voter fraud was … | Sep 29, 2020 — A deceptive video released on Sunday by the conservative activist James O’Keefe, which claimed through unidentified sources and …CONTINUE READING | NYT
Conservative News Sites Fuel Voter Fraud Misinformation | Oct 26, 2020 — Breitbart, The Washington Examiner and others amplify false claims of…CONTINUE READING | NYT

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