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World Now Under U.N. Martial Law As Great Reset Moves Ahead | Tulsi Gabbard Asks Joe(Not my President) Biden if he’s Declared Martial Law

This is what I was most afraid of. Watching U.N. troops arrive onto sovereign U.S. soil to impose their will using deadly force. I don’t think these Globalist swine realize just how much of an issue they are going to have. I don’t recognize their authority even in the slightest. So if they show up on American soil and expect some kind of compliance and acknowledgement as these legit, legally recognized authority figures, they are going to get their faces laughed at and then spit at. In that order. Then possibly something a bit more intrusive launched into their face if they try carrying out their orders. I couldn’t ask for a better way to go out. Don’t give me a reason. But I know they likely will.

World Now Under U.N. Martial Law As Great Reset Moves Ahead
Published on 27 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics
The Alex Jones Show (Hour 2) – Commercial Free – 1-21-21

Alex Jones interview Boogaloo Boys founder Mike Dunn! Plus, Putin warns of conflict that could mean end of our civilization!

Share across all globalist controlled platforms. Do not keep them on safe platforms because most people on those platforms are already awoke to the lies of the New World Order agenda! If you do not share this becomes an echo chamber.

Alex Jones is very much still a Jesuit or Mossad actor-agent, who’s loyalties seem to be somewhat fluid at times. Nevertheless, he is still right about the threat that these Globalists pose to humanity with their genocidal population reduction agenda using vaccines and Eugenics. It sucks that we are forced to sift through partial truths with just about everyone in the alt news community. It’s one thing if it’s unintentional partial truth telling. But it’s quite another when you know it’s calculated disinformation. It sucks, but I still consider Alex Jones(Bill Hicks) to be worthy of hearing out. Just don’t kid yourself.

Alex Jones…Establishment Connections BUSTED | Youtube.com/alexjonesagenda
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