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GameStop is a Game Changer | Google Deletes Thousands of Negative Robinhood Reviews to Save It From 1 Star Rating – Google rushes to delete over 100,000 negative reviews in order to maintain the Robinhood app’s rating after heavy review bombing.

I used to be an options trader, having worked on the NYMEX, COMEX and NYBOT(ICE) trading floors up until open-outcry trading was replaced by the much cheaper, overhead-free electronic-only markets once they finally had computers powerful enough to utilize algorithms to make markets on the fly, in real-time, on a fully electronic liquidity-providing exchange. Back in the 80’s and up until the trading floors finally closed for good in 2013, they relied on actual human beings(locals) armed with their own theoretical pricing sheets to make the markets for and provide liquidity on commodities derivatives as the futures prices moved around and volatility swung in either direction. So I’ve seen all kinds of various “market-stomping/manipulation” ploys. They would always make sure to execute these schemes with a certain degree of finesse so that their criminal actions didn’t end up being SO blatantly obvious in the aftermath. But this Gamestop shit takes things to an audacious new level and wasn’t even a little bit sudle. I am hesitant to even call this a “ploy”, as they didn’t seem to care about hiding what they were doing. These Khazarian & Jesuit hedgefund serpents just decided to pick up the phone and call their frat-buddy/fellow initiates over at Robinhood and E-trade and told them to restrict the public from being able to to put in any buy orders on Gamestop until they were done getting out of their positions?! My God! THAT’S BAAAAD.

What made them think they could get away with this? Who made the ultimate decision to honor this criminal request? They must have been given some kind of assurance that there wouldn’t be any consequences from the fallout over their blatant criminal market manipulation tactics.

I am sure this is not the first time the higher ups at these exchanges have been asked to help out one of their hedgefund buddies by pulling some illegal shit like this. So why did they decide to go along with it this time? WTF? There need to be some lengthy jail sentences dished out all around. But I’m sure there won’t we. We already see Big Tech scrambling to cover for them.

Sue THE FUCK out of these bitch-ass criminals.

Robinhood restricts Reddit-driven GameStop, AMC, Nokia stocks, cites ‘market volatility’

Source: American Intelligence Media | January 28, 2021

GameStop is a Game Changer

Earlier today we posted the headline below:

Is this the pin that popped the stock market bubble?

Well, well the story is unfolding to be quite the internet war between Main Street and Wall Street. We selected these two videos and a few headlines together to show you what’s going on.

The GameStop Infinite Money Glitch Explained

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Why Is Dying Mall Operator Dillard’s Up 100%? Blame Reddit.

2 Analysts Downgrade Bed Bath & Beyond, Stock Still Pops 30%

Stock Alert: AMC Entertainment Surges To New 52-week High

AMC Stock Surges 301%; Broader Market Slumps

AMC Stock Gets Caught in Short Squeeze. Shares Are Up 180%.

Right on queue…..It’s Trump’s fault.

They are saying ‘wallstreetbets’ hijacking GameStop stock is bad, while saying nothing about Pelosi buying Tesla calls just before Biden releases Executive Order about electric vehicles for all federal vehicles.

Looking like a Black Swan to us.

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