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There Were 2 Operations Going Down at the Capitol Building… Kinda


  • The “Capitol Building Event” wasn’t even a little bit authentic. It was as contrived and scripted as any big budget Hollywood movie or Broadway Musical.
  • There is, and has been only ONE side. The left-right paridigm that they are so desperate to continuously feed into, was established and is maintained solely for the purposes of sustaining a reckless state of public division and confusion. Ensuring they always have some kind of a control mechanism and narrative manipulation vector.
  • Austin Steinbart is a little Occultist chode Golden Dawn Q-shill and serves as an agent-provacateur both publicly and behind the scenes. His job is to do what he’s told by people like Ezra Cohen, Jared Kushner & Juan O’Savin to help to breathe life into and sustain and peddle certain narratives. Ensuringc that Q’sters are comfortably held down within the confines of their cringy Hopium den of demagoguery. The exchange that Austin had with the demonic goat-boy known as the “Q-shaman” should have been as suspicious to you as it was to me. A guy who by now we know has his own fucking IMBD page and was photographed with Nancy Pelosis son-in-law before their little staged insurrection. I put the links to detailed posts about him at the end of this post.
  • The title of the above video states that there were 2 operations going on that day. The staged Insurrection to try to make Trump and his supporters look bad, as well as a covert military operation designed to clear out the building, allowing certain DIA agents to gain access to the computers of various members of congress. The first part definitely has merits. And even the second part might have scattered bits of partial truth. But I think everything that went down that day was all by design and both the Trump and Globalist factions were working together to pull it off. I’m not saying there isn’t some in-house strife going on and that certain Congressmen/women may in fact have been targeted by themilitary. But when you boil away the bullshit, there was just ONE single operation that went down that day: Operation “DECEIVE THE PEOPLE”. This operation started in mystery Babylon thousands of years ago and is simply being continued on by the modern Occultists that happen to take the form of an Austin Steinbart and the Q Shaman. I bet JFK Jr. doesn’t even like that little toolbag. He just finds him handy as a useful idiot. Yes, it appears Austin knows the big man himself. See below.

This video I found to be somewhat confusing since Steinbart has totally been exposed as a ridiculous tool and complete fraud. But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t “in” on the inner workings of Q at one point or another. I can’t believe I’m even saying this, but the video doesn’t lie. That does appear to be him talking to the very much alive Golden Dawn big shot, the JFK Jr. WHAT WHAT?

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