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GOD SAVE US FROM THE EDUCATED YOUTH | Millennials Are the Foot Soldiers for the EL-ites & Proxies for the Annihilators of Our Freedoms. With AOC Leading the Way.

In many ways, AOC’s countless public hissy fits and endless victimhood procurement is a microcosm for how today’s youth interact with and in turn contribute nothing of value to society, while on the flip side serving as extremely valuable assets to those in power who are constantly looking to manipulate public sentiment into serving their own diabolical interests. This is why they’ve conditioned these younger generations in the way they have. It’s now proving to have been quite the savvy investment for the EL-ites with the current Novid narratives devastating the overall health of our society and mutilating so many once thriving personal relationships. Exactly as they intended it to. These little asshole millennials have been serving as their foot soldiers and they are too self-absorbed and deranged from spending a lifetime under the thumb of post-modernism to even notice the proxies to our oppression that they’ve become.

Source: By. Paul Craig Roberts | PaulCraigRoberts.org | January 29, 2021

God Save Us From The Educated Youth

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The Educated Youth

Paul Craig Roberts

Look At These Idiots.  Where do they come from?  From the Universities.

When I was a university student, the liberals’ motto was a quote attributed to Voltaire: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”  The liberals used this quote as permission to deconstruct the family, society, religion, and the belief system that held the diverse American population together.

Today liberals want to silence and even to arrest everyone who disagrees with them.  Social media deplatform and cancel all who step outside official explanations, even experts, members of Congress, and the President of the United States.  Amazon, Apple, and Google force alternative social media out of existence by denying service.  Americans lose their jobs for being Trump supporters and even for using gender pronouns unapproved by woke idiots. We have arrived at the point in university life that an ignorant quota admission “student” has more authority than a distinguished scholar or scientist and can get the scientist or distinguished scholar investigated and sanctioned by his own university.  A total non-entity can cancel a person of lifetime accomplishments simply on the grounds that the non-entity is “offended.”

This is the Western world today.  Who is left to defend it?  To die for it?  And what is it? The values are gone.  The belief system is dissolved.  Propaganda focuses us on Russians, Chinese, and Iranians.  The real threats to our existence are in charge of our life. We live in the Matrix of their self-serving lies.

Clear evidence that liberals have created a new Dark Age is the demand of Harvard students that the university revoke the degrees of  Trump supporters.  All reason has departed university life. Reason is replaced with blind hate. Emotion rules. Truth-tellers are “enemies of the people.”

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