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It’s Official, Covid Kills EVERYONE


This isn’t just a matter of a few ancillary & isolated instances of rogue Healthcare workers & doctors taking it upon themselves to manipulate a handful of death certificates to erroneously show Covid as the cause of death when they knew it was clearly something else. No no no. This is widespread systematic institutionalized criminal fraud that’s being carried out to help prop up a completely fabricated public health crisis. “Scamdemic” isn’t just some funny word that barbed-wire tattoo having alt right white guys use to smear libtards with. It’s the stone cold reality of the matter and you need to get over your hatred for the orange man and snap the fuck out of it. I’m tired of this shit. You got your senile old Commie in office now who signs his new Orwellian executive order on a daily basis while having no idea where he is as he’s doing it. So you got your way and should be happy now. Able to see much more clearly and realize just how assinine this whole Novid narrative is. Stop ruining our society by reinforcing a blatant hoax! Stop it! Or don’t. But if you don’t then you better get your vaccine and just die already. You can’t have it both ways. If anyone who supported all these insane lockdown and mask measures, suddenly decides that they aren’t going to get the vaccine. I swear I’ll hunt you down myself and jam the damn serum into your arm.

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