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Pedo Con-Artist Timothy Charles Holmseth STILL Showing Up at the Top of Search Results…🤨😠

I was doing some browsing and searching for some stuff related to Ezra Cohen and the Frankfurt server raid, and who do I see still lurking about, WAY up at the tippity top of the search results, but Pedo Con-Artist & Pentagon Pedophile Task Force leader himself, Timothy Charles Holmseth. Who’s still a fugitive on the run BTW. I’m not even going to provide a link because I don’t want anymore traffic going to this guys site. But I took a screenshot.

Why can’t this guy just go away? He’s good at manipulating metadata to optimize his rankings in the search results, I’ll give him that. I suspect he’s still getting the bulk of his traffic from his original fictional posts about all the kids rescued who were found in cages deep in a secret underground thermonuclear bunker. He’s obviously strategically using the language “kids in cages” because of all the people searching for that term who are looking for info and pictures on the immigrant children that Donald Trump was accused of putting in cages, but never actually did. The pictures that the left kept citing in that case were actually from the Obama era and built by Obama. Timmy also seems to have a habit of making sure to insert posts that contain all the most recent heavily searched-for terms(e.g. Ezra Cohen, Frankfurt server, Sidney Powell).

This guy is still on the run and still causing a deceptive ruckus on the web. Assisted by people like dummy lady CirstenW, David Zublick, Gene Decode, Sarah Westall & Field McConnell. So once again, please please please people, stop lending credibility to these people. My goodness.


Here’s CirstenW featuring him on her show. She hasn’t even taken the video down. She’s mentally retarded.


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