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FOOTAGE SHOWING ACTUAL ARRESTS AT WHITE HOUSE? Roy Blunt Being Led Out in Handcuffs? SUPPOSEDLY This Military Sting Operation Has Resulted in Several Major Arrests, Including: Pelosi, AOC, Schiff, Cuomo, DeBlasio & More.

This was an uplifting video. I must admit. Maybe they did arrest everyone on inauguration day. I can’t even believe I’m actually saying this, but just watch. The military transports ushering everyone out of the White House, the unscheduled fireworks display right after the lights were turned off.

Big Tech CEOs Arrested and replaced with clones? Video of U.S. military at the White House arresting.

I just don’t know. I’ve been hearing this for a long as time now. This might be the dozenth time I’ve heard that arrests have happened. But say that these arrests have in fact happened and they really have replaced them with clones or silicone mask wearing stand-ins. What’s the point if the public never knows about it? I am only entertaining this stuff because of the numerous anomalies I keep seeing. There are A LOT. From Biden’s blank executive orders to his fraudulent signatures to the many many sketchy details within the inauguration footage, there is obviously something going on. I just don’t forsee this super happy ending many are expecting.

I want the Coronavirus hoax to end. Why hasn’t that ended? Of all the “wrongs” out there that need to be “righted”, that’s the biggest of all. But I doubt a damn thing will change with that. Don’t get distracted. I fear that whatever they may be doing behind the scenes and bone they may decide to throw us, is all designed to help facilitate the ushering in of this shitty new Global World Order no matter what actually transpires with all these DemonRat villains. I would much rather see an end to Covid than any arrests. That does nothing for me. If this all actually did happen and they do make it public finally, I fear it will just be another piece of the puzzle for their neverending deception. Sorry, I don’t trust Occultists.



Donald Trump has taken deepstate down [Deleted several times on YouTube] [mirrored]
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