#QAnon, #TheSwampRunsDeep, Cabal Arrests & Executions

Possible Night-Time MASS ARRESTS at DC Capitol LIVE 1-30-2021 (FULL VERSION)

This is the full length version of the video I had posted a day or two ago on this possible footage of some mass arrests going down.


Maybe it’s finally going down, but like I keep saying, the biggest injustice of all that needs to be remedied at this moment is the ongoing lending of credibility to the hoaxed Coronavirus public health crisis and the heavy pressure by our leaders to go out and get vaccines. In some cases certain employers have made involuntary mandates to their employees. Leaving them no choice but to get inoculated against an virus that still hasn’t even been verified to exist, using experimental and already proven to be dangerous mRNA gene therapy that’s laced with nanoparticles, outfitted with copper orbs and even wireless transmitters for God’s sake! None of it is illegal apparently, and that’s the problem. If Trump and the military really are in power behind the scenes then they need to do something to protect the public from that.

But, all that being said, if arrests are in fact happening, finally, that’s of course a good thing. But only if we are finally let in on what’s going on once and for all. No more secret, behind the scenes bullshit and cryptic messages from Juan O’Savin and sketchy New Age community sources. I want to see televised tribunals and even some executions on Pay-Pee-View. That was one of the rumors. LOL.

Possible Night-Time MASS ARRESTS at DC Capitol LIVE 1-30-2021 (VIDEO)

Two sources in DC are indicating that there have been night-time mass arrests there, and both have video which seems to support that conclusion. The arrests are centered on the White House. No corporate news crews are visible anywhere at this event involving massive police and military presence.
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