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Robotoids Are Real! BEST EVIDENCE YET | The AI Invasion From the East China Owns the Vatican

Ummm… that’s not a human being.
The above GIF’s were taken from this video. | The AI Invasion From the East China Owns the Vatican

I had long ago come to terms with the fact that “Westworld” was far from science fiction. Forced to begrudgingly admit that many of the public figures we see featured on television and in movies, and much of the general population for that matter, are in fact non human in one way or another. I believe that what we are faced with is a mix of the hybrid human offspring from the efforts of the ongoing hybridization program(Alien abduction phenomenon) run by a certain faction of these “Fallen” entities/Aliens. There is also what I believe to be a separate race of Cannanite Repitilian Shapeshifers, which admittedly may or may not the be same group as these Fallen Angels. Personally, I believe this classification to be far inferior to their “Fallen”, but also Reptoid counterparts. These guys have been around for a long time. Having existed for just a long as humans have and have been thoroughly documented & depicted in many ancient texts from Mesoamerica to Sumeria.


But in contrast to these Fallen and/or Reptilian creatures, there is something else entirely that’s been in play. These demonic creatures and the humans loyal to them, have been feverishly working to fabricate and mass manufacture what are 100% synthetic and completely soulless human Robotoids. They seem to have been continuously introducing them into society for at least the past 50 years, but most likely have been doing this in some form or another since ancient times. There are accounts of Golums dating as far back as dynastic China, pre-Roman Greece and ancient India.

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I believe they are creating them to use as both vessels that they are able to copy their own consciousness into when needed and also can be used as a completely programmable lifeform simulators of sorts. They can be put on auto-pilot but are also “possessable” when needed, allowing for certain non-physical entities to occupy the synthetic vessel without having the need to take over and abscond the vessel of a human any longer. These synthetic vessels are custom designed to be more conducive to and preferable as a vessel to occupy when compared to occupying a human host body.

I also think that they strategically inject what are completely robotic vessels into our society, with a synthetic and pre-programmed, artificially fabricated consciousness. Some people may call this synthetic life, I would argue it’s still just a piece of software that’s emulating and approximating consciousness on the fly. Essentially nothing more than a complex computer program designed to conduct surveillance or infiltrate certain organizations. Not something that was ever originally a Fallen demonic entity, disembodied Nephilim Hybrid, or the previously organic consciousness of a human that’s been copied over into the vessel. Some of them are purely robotic in nature. That being said, I believe that any of these synthetic vessels, no matter what they were originally intended to be used for, can be commandeered and absconded at any time by these Fallen legion spirit entities & disembodied Nephilim hybrids. They are able to jump into any of these existing synthetic vessels any time they find it convenient or opportunistic to do so. This gives these malevolent entities a downright horrifying amount of power, flexibility and range of influence over the human population.

So while I’ve long known that these things are very real and most definitely out there mingling with real people, it’s only been recently that I’ve come across hard, undeniable evidence as to just how widespread these Robotoid machines are and how extensively embedded they are within our modern society.

Ummm… that’s not a human being.

In the above two examples, we see one of these Robotoids completely freaking out the two people sitting next to him, while in the example on the right, we see a clear malfunction take place and the handler is then forced to intervene. They ALWAYS will have a handler.

Bibliotecapleyades has one of the best essays out there on the history of synthetic clone & Robotoid technologies (not to be confused with one and other). | https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/mindcontrol2/appendix03.htm

The above GIF’s were taken from this video. | The AI Invasion From the East China Owns the Vatican

In “Westworld” they imply that even the earliest builds of these synthetic humans were able to pass the Turing test. Making detecting their presence almost impossible at this point. But once and a while we are treated to a catastrophic malfunction and they end up exposing themselves. The examples shown in this latest video from Tamara are easily the most horrifying and nightmarish ones I’ve seen yet. I honestly have not stopped thinking about this one clip in particular for days now.

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