Aliens, Demonic/Satanic, Paranormal

Eye-Popping Lecture on the True Deceptive Nature of the Alien Abduction Phenomenon

I had already accepted that these entities were not biological Aliens, but in fact Fallen Demonic entities who masquerade in a variety of different forms depending on the abductee. But this takes the deception to a totally different level and terrifies me. It was also troubling to hear that contradictory to other reports, invoking the name of Jesus does not always thwart the abduction attempt. This is not surprising since I believe the name “Jesus” or “JeZues” is a pagan iteration and insult to the true Messiah and Son of Man, much like Yeshua is. I do however truly believe that by invoking the creator God by simply asking for “God” or perhaps using “Son of Man” or “EmannuEL”, maybe “Yehoshuah”, you can stop the abduction dead in its tracks. I think this is contingent upon you being a true believer and having a real relationship with God. You can’t fake it. If you had been an Atheist Secular Savage your whole life and then find yourself being abducted and panic and ask for the help of God or Jesus, you’ll likely be denied. I also think that God will throw you a bone if you’re a true believer and don’t know any better about the true nature of the name “Jesus”, but do love God and his son, the Messiah. But for those of us who know better, we shouldn’t use that name. I’m not trying to be a “Sacred Namer Bully” or go around hitting people over the head with the Torah, but it’s pretty clear at this point that the name Jesus should not be used to refer to the son of God. I’m just saying. I don’t care how much that may offend you.
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