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I’VE BEEN “EXPOSED” GUYS…LOL…The Low-Functioning Fans of Timmy Holmseth, Field McConnell, CirstenW & Gene Decode Give Me a Piece of Their Mind. LMFAO🤣😂🥱 | ALSO: Is Agent 19 a Professional Debunker?

🤭LMFAO. 😅🤣😂😜🤪🤭😇

You see the kind of people we are dealing with here? My theory about all their fans having originated from the computer lab of a group home for the mentally disabled only gains more credibility from emails like these. I put together some materials for Deborah here. If she still wants to support them after looking through this evidence, that’s on her, but she can no longer try to claim that she didn’t know. She’s been shown everything one would need to see and would only be an accomplice to their despicable scams if she decided to ignore this stuff. Reminds me if the Anders character who tried coming at me on Twitter.

Agent 19 has some great videos exposing this crew. Unfortunately, Agent 19 likes to deny that Sandy Hook was a False Flag, is a staunch Rachel Maddow supporter AND continues to throw the full weight of his support behind our ongoing oppression through the implementation of this crappy “New Normal” via his approval of mask mandates(or at least his voluntary wearing of them) and by vehemently asserting that the “Pandemic” is in fact a legitimate public health crisis. I’m not really sure what to make of this guy to be honest. He’s always going after these same easy targets. As if they’ve been purposely setup for him to knock down. It’s not that hard to make guys like Montagraph, Field McConnell, Austin Steinbart, Timmy Holmseth and many of their dumbest associates look bad. It’s like picking on the mentally disabled kid in your class. Not impressed. I suspect you may have been contracted to get in on the efforts to purposefully muddy the waters on certain topics and in turn try to make all “truthers” look bad by attempting to characterize the entire community as being like the Holmseth crew. Trying to make it seem as if this crew of con-artists is representative of anyone who supports any of these same “conspiracy theories”.

“Children’s Crusade” Con-Artists to Avoid in the “Alt. News” & “Q” Communities | Most of the videos I have on these Children’s Crusade con-artists are embedded within this post.

*Looks like Agent19 has made all his videos private now. I guess I would want to hide my collection of myself making fun of mentally disabled YouTubers too. Lol… nah…I probably wouldn’t hide that actually.

Agent19 has been on the scene for a while now. I’ve seen interactions of his within the truther community from way back in the day with some of the OG’s like “HookedonYourHoax” who is no longer around. The fact that he seems to have been doing this same auto-debunking dance for a while now, has got me very suspicious. He’s a high IQ guy who may have been put in place(or put himself in place) to defend certain paradigms while strategically discrediting others that he knows damn well may have merit, but has been tasked to discredit in any way he’s able to. I’m not convinced these are always his organic opinions. He’s too smart to carry some of the inexplicable beliefs he claims to publicly.

You’d think he would have gone after some higher quality targets by now. If you ever read this Agent 19(highly unlikely,LOL), I’d love to talk about:

  • Why mask mandates are asinine, wholly unnecessary, counterproductive, physically harmful, totally useless and part of an unambiguously malevolent and still ongoing Occult transformation ritual and overall vector for asserting their power position over the public. Masks have been used(currently & historically) as a way to symbolize the publics submission while openly mocking us at the same time. The mask mandates and general policies tied to this fraudulent public health crisis are ultimately tied to the underlying “Great Reset” agenda. Essentially, it’s an Occult ritual mixed with power posturing. Their esoteric grip on the spiritual world is just as important to them as their grip on the physical world. You might not believe in that kind of stuff, but the EL-ites do. You might not be convinced of the tangible esoteric power that can be gained from coercing the public into taking part in a ritualistic act, but they do. They make little effort to hide these malignant spiritual prerogatives of theirs. They brag about it through their incessant throwing of Occult gang signs embedded in their daily activities as they brazenly display their loyalties to these dark esoteric forces in very public and unapologetic fashion. So you may think they are crazy for believing these kinds of ritualistic acts have any merit or usefulness, but they believe none the less and that in itself makes it very real. Not believing-in something that’s intangible and not part of the material world is one thin. You may think they are wasting their time and that’s understandable. But refusing to admit that this is what they believe and is obviously at least part of their the inspiration for enacting much of the asinine policy mandates we’ve been saddled with, all because you can’t stomach the implications, is quite another. That last sentence was a perfect Segway for Sandy Hook.
  • Why the “Sandy Hook Massacre” was an embarrassment of a False Flag PsyOp that was hastily thrown together by The Department of Homeland Security and poorly executed after having originally been scheduled as merely a school shooting drill. Why it can be easily exposed as the farce it was, solely using the live, on-scene footage broadcasted by the mainstream media that day. When combined with the rest of the evidence that’s now made its way into the publics purview, it becomes an undeniable reality that those kids did not die and that the entire narrative was a fabricated one. Designed to amp up sentiment against gun ownership. As tacky(the gun-grabbing claim) and harrowing/unpalatable(kids not dying) as those two assertions may be, the truth is the truth. Implications should not never dissuade one from going where the evidence ends up leading.
  • Why Rachel Maddow is an androgynous ass-clown and why the “Trump-Russian collusion” narrative is a painfully dishonest one. Your buddying-up to Maddow was an act of far less importance than the first two points of contention I had, but was probably the most shocking thing I’ve ever seen you speak on. If you want to bash Trump, I doth not protest. He’s a piece of shit Occultist who’s deceived half the nation and is being controlled by Jared Kushner and other Israelis. So have at it. I had simply stated that the “Russia Collusion” narrative has been eviscerated by now and continuing to cite despicable mainstream shill and Actor Agent Rick Maddow and the laughable Steele-Dossier that they never shut up about and continue to cite as their cornerstone document and smoking gun in proving Trump collided with Russians, was a BAD look.

You can’t pick-on only retards forever bro. I guess you could, but I would have thought you’d have grown out of that phase by now and would be yearning for an actual challenge? Exclusively choosing such low-quality targets ends up bringing you down to the level of your opponent. Like that Eric Wilkerson dude. He was borderline special needs. I would have guessed his IQ to have been between 80 and 90. I don’t know why you wasted time on him. I didn’t pick on the disabled kids in school no matter how much they might have pissed me off at times. On the flip side, watching you annihilate people like Austin Steinbart & certain gems in the McConnell crew, now that’s understandable. Special needs or not, they had to get messed up. They had big followings and I look at what you did by exposing them as a public service that I’m genuinely appreciative of. Titus Frost made some good videos exposing the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force crew as well. I only jumped in on that because of some interactions I had with CirstenW & that Anders low-life.

That being said, if you are that confident in your positions and they truly are your organic opinions, then you should be able to mess me up pretty badly, right? Tell me why I’m so far off base by raising my suspicions about you being essentially another mutation of an actor-agent after having watched you take some of the inexplicable positions that you have when all your other videos up to that point had been badass. I suspect that you’ve been tasked with making certain “truth” movements look bad by cleverly highlighting the lowest of the scum who claim to be authorities on a range of topics. It’s a clever scheme. I’ll give you that.

I’ve recently re-activated all the comment sections after having been forced to disable them for a while after getting spam attacked following some harsh words I had for a specific YouTuber(P0PC0RNED PLANET). So you can tell me why I’m wrong below. Only if you want. No one ever has any obligation to respond to anyone. However when you take certain positions in the public sphere, you should be prepared to defend them if legitimate criticism is brought forth. Which I believe this is.

But you did make some good videos exposing these specific retards, which I’ve put below as part of my evidence pile for Deborah Dummy-Lady.

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