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Congressman Dan Crenshaw Says Aliens Are Here | THE DECEPTIVE “ALIEN” DISCLOSURE PSYOP HAS BEGUN

Even the guy who made this video was careful not to call them actual “Aliens”. The public is farther ahead of this upcoming deceptive than I think they realize. | Original YouTube Link

Congressman Says Aliens Are Here

Oh yeah Dan Crenshaw? “Aliens” are here? What I’d say in response to that is: SHUT THE FUCK UP. We’ve already endured a lifetime worth of deception this past year from rat politicians like you. So I don’t want to hear you try telling me that these deceptive non-human entities that are very much from our world and have been here just as long as we have, are some race of Aliens from another world. There are plenty of us who know what these things actually are by now, so this attempt by you to join the disclosure party and try getting in on the upcoming deceptive ploy that’s long been in the works to represent these Fallen Demonic entities as a benevolent race of Aliens from another world is pathetic and is not going to fly. Once I saw that Tucker Carlson was getting in on this narrative I knew that you guys had been given the go ahead to start-up this despicable farce you have planned. So shut your mouth and go pick out some new eye patches.

Congressman Says Aliens Are Here

Post Disclosure World

Published on Feb 8, 2021 | Congressman Dan Crenshaw makes crazy statements regarding his belief about aliens visiting Earth. What does it all mean? I answer that question in this video. PATREON ►…​ YOUTUBE MEMBERSHIP ►…​ ONE-TIME DONATION ►…​ SHIRTS & HOODIES & MASK ►​ Twitter ▶​ Instagram ▶…​ Facebook ▶…​ Subscribe ▶…​ Website ▶​ Business contact: Some sources: Dan Crenshaw interview:​ That UFO Podcast Interview With Luis Elizondo:​ Jimmy Church Interview with Luis Eli

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