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The Moon is flat!(Or a Hologram): Cosmonaut Films Earths Natural Satellite From “ISS” in Non-Existant “Outer Space”

Let’s get something straight. The REAL moon is nothing but a reflection of our enormous concaved, but flat-plained, non-spherical realm that we reside within a small crater on the surface of. There is also no such thing as “outer space”, nor are there any space stations. You should look into the backgrounds of these people who push this heliocentric model and the origins of that specific scientific paridigm, as well as others like the assinine “Big Bang” theory.

But what we have been seeing in the night sky that we think of as the moon, at least of late, has been a holographic representation of this reflection. They’ve been projecting a fake sun as well. So no, the moon is not flat. But the surface they have been projecting the hologram onto is.

People like Neil Degrasse Tyson are not these authority figure scientific badasses as they try to make them out as. They are Jesuit super-shill ass clowns. It’s time to bring them down a peg or two.
HelioCentrism Is A Religion

Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of the high priests of this religion.

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