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The Weeknd’s Super Bowl 2021 Performance Presents: an Ode to the AntiChristos (a NWO Ballad) | PLEASE PRAY 🙏 BEFORE WATCHING. | Justin Bieber IS The Weekend. Avril Levigne IS Kristin Bell. Brad Pitt IS Benicio Del Toro & Many More

Please pray 🙏 before watching.
“The Weekend” IS “Scar” who IS “Satan”.
On the right is a representation of Satan that Tamara managed to find on the dark web. (I wonder how she knew where to look? 🤔). On the left is The Weekend, aka Justin Bieber with a prosthetic mask. This time a deformed-looking one meant to show is who he really is(HaSatan).

If you are still unable to see what they are blatantly showing us via these halftime shows/Occult mega rituals, then I can’t help you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in this kind of stuff and look at the Bible as nothing more than a fantasy novel. The spiritual battle between Good and evil is very much real and these celebrity Occultists very much believe in their father, “The Rainman”/Satan.


They’ve opened a portal to the Abyss decades ago and whether it’s Apolloyon or Lucifer that’s currently the HNIC and the one doing the bidding of Satan and his legion spirit warriors here on earth, it doesn’t matter. They are here and now and they plan on trying to usurp the creator God once and for all and take your soul with them in the process. Don’t let them. Align yourself with the Living God/Most High and the Son of Man before it’s too late. Fill yourself with the Holy Spirit and love of the one true creator God and resist the insidious influence of these Baphometic celebrities and politicians who are infested with the Legion Spirit. The Tares are on a tear. They’ve known their time is shorter than ever before and are scrambling.

Please pray before watching any of these videos. Pleeeeease. I don’t like being complicit in spreading Tamaras Gray Magick infused videos. But for those of us who need to go down this rabbit hole all the way to the bottom, these are kinds of things we are going to be exposed to. I can’t claim to be any kind of authority on these topics for my readers if I’m not willing to see through this kind of information, wherever it may lead me. I have a nearly obsessive relationship with God, which is one of the only reasons I dare to climb down into the rabbit hole as far as I do. I really liked the below video and the way she characterized Tamaras content. Spot on.

Do you watch Tamara Magdeline Lioness of Yeshua? The trap I was put into from watching those…. | Here’s the original link. Go and subscribe to her channel. She only has 100 followers and the only reason I didn’t embed the YT version was because the clip was inexplicably flagged as “age-restricted” content.

The above videos got me starting to think that Justin Bieber is being held against his will and forced to play the part of The Weekend and do the bidding of the AntiChrist Legion spirit against his will. He had that bizzare stint with the VERY AntiChrist loyal Hillsong Ministry and an unambiguous love affair with their recently suicided leader, Carl Lentz. This may have been Justin’s misguided attempt to distance himself from the demons who were controlling his life, though I’m not sure buddying up to Lentz & his demonic church was going to get him any further away from these dark spirits. It likely only drew him in closer.

To say this was an off-putting and creepy relationship would be an understatement. Not sure what to think of this. All of Carl Lentzs other extramarital affairs were with women so maybe this lends further credibility to the theory that Justin has always been a female.
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