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CCP Compromised Democrat Impeachment Manager Eric Swalwell Has Zero Credibility


This is the guy spearheading the current outrageous second Impeachment effort against a guy who isn’t even the President anymore. Or is he? I’m out of the bold speculation business these days, but there is still ample evidence out there that shows at the very least that Biden isn’t in charge. Who actually is? I’m not sure. The Military? Trump? A crew of decrepit old shapeshifting lizards? The Galactic Federation of Light?(the last one was sarcastic but the crew of lizards wasn’t). Nothing would suprise me anymore. But the fact that Chinese compromised fart-boy Eric Swalwell is the one leading the charge with this current seemingly nonsensical Impeachment campaign, should speak volumes about what’s going on here. It’s been almost exactly one year to the day since Swalwell had stated that they had planned on impeaching Trump a second time.

China is obviously making their move against the United States and they’ve activated all sleeper cells. Though Eric didn’t do a very good job with the “sleeper” part of that arrangement. He was busy blasting insanely loud farts on live TV and sleeping with other Chinese spys and then getting caught red handed for it. China has had spies in the form of lefty politicians like Swalwell in their pocket for years and they’ve clearly decided that now is the most opportunistic time to cash in those chips and see what they can get for them at a time when American seems to be at its weakest. The whole world is at its weakest thanks to Coronacon and thanks to all you brain dead civilians who have so eagerly assisted in oppressing your fellow citizen through your blind obedience. Snitches get snitches, but spies get their brains painted across a brick wall. Remember that.

“I was sitting at home under ‘lock down’ watching the Second Impeachment of Donald Trump when California Congressman Eric Swalwell came on the TV and he (as part of the Democrat Impeachment Team) began to lay down why Trump needs to be Impeached. I could not help myself knowing that this idiot is so compromised by the Chinese Communist Party, but to put a video together painting him and Joe Biden’s sick sex/crack addict son Hunter with the same brush. Eric Swalwell has zero credibility and zero business talking about any one’s wrong doing’s especially when he was and may still be ‘sleeping with the enemy’.”
-Mark Global Agenda I, II, 24-7 YouTube – Bitchute – Rumble

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