#QAnon, 2020 Election, Cabal Arrests & Executions

How Much Longer Do We Have To Put Up With This B.S. Administration? | MY QUESTIONS FOR THOSE ON THE SIDE OF RIGHT. Juan O’Savin GRILLED By Project Camelot | Some Kind of “Inauguration” Scheduled for March 4-6 | STOP PROMOTING GENE DECODE!(UPDATED 2/13)

*These are my personal opinions only. Anyone who tries to claim that they know the truth about what is actually going on behind the scenes is full of shit and should be ignored. However, what’s not an opinion and simply stone cold reality is that Juan O’Savin and Gene Decode are total con-artists.

She’s holding Juan’s feet to the fire and asking real questions. She did a good job overall. I’ll give her an (A-). At one point she straight up asked him, “are you in charge or not?”. I think she’s right to call him out like this. There is something else going on here. Notice how Juan never once directly addressed the questions about the claims that Gene Decode has been making. He knows they are laughable, but I think they are finding the disinformation coming out of him to be useful for the time being. She did a really good job overall asking real questions. By far the best I’ve seen yet. However I couldn’t help but notice she kept pressing the “Alien” narrative and Juan repeatedly tried to drop her some legit truth bombs when he went on about Satan being an Alien and how these Fallen Angels are the real Aliens. Always have been. She quickly quipped, “yeah, there’s both”, almost unwilling to let go of this belief that there is this menagerie of intergalactic beings out there who have been visiting us and are here to help(and hurt) us. I will concede that there are almost certainly other humanoid creatures who venture into our crater to visit us from time to time. But those are very much terrestrial beings that we share a realm with. NOT Aliens. While these manifestations of UFO’s and apparent light-beings that we see in the sky so often are in fact the many different ways these interdimensional Fallen Angels manifest themselves in a physical form when in this reality. I’m nearly certain of that at this point.

While she deserved praise for many of the hard hitting questions she asked Juan, she ended the segment by promoting Gene Decodes book! No no no no! What are you doing?!

I’m glad I’m not the only one questioning these people. I honestly cannot even believe Gene Decode is still so popular. I felt like I was listening to someone write a fantasy novel in their head, on the spot, in real time, whenever he would make appearances. As far as Juan O’Savin goes, maybe it is JFK Jr., but that just means we are listening to another Occultist deceiving us. But at least it’s someone important, while still admittedly evil, it’s at least a real “insider”. Even if we are being lied to for the purposes of a propagating a very malevolent long term agenda. While on the flip side, Gene Decode is a total con-artist ass-clown creep-ball who is down with Timothy Charles “mother-fucking known Pedophile & current fugitive” Holmseth. Gene represented Tim as being head of the PPTF(Pentagon Pedophile Task Force) on CirstenW’s show.

Here is Gene Decode with Timothy Charles Holmseth in case you didn’t believe me.
IF…..IF there was some kind of a task force at the Pentagon for something like this, Timothy would be the last person in this planet who would be in charge of it. He claims he’s “one man away from the President“. I’m not joking.

Even fellow member of this retard-brigade “Montagraph” has distanced himself from Holmseth.

I’m honestly tired of being forced to bring up this low life, but so long as Gene Decode is going around spreading his demented fictional narratives, I’m going to keep begrudgingly bringing it up. I dedicated a whole page to this crew of con-artists and done countless posts on them.

Case closed. Shut him down. We all have access to plenty of information these days. There is no excuse for anyone to still be giving this guy airtime on any show. Why on earth he still gets so so much damn attention from the sell-out New Age community is beyond me. I guess they are that thirsty for views. There is no way they haven’t realized by now the abundance of sketchiness over who Gene has associated himself with. The Holmseth connection seals the deal as far as I’m concerned. They must be choosing to ignore it and that’s unacceptable and discredits the whole narrative as far as I’m concerned.

Gene is telling people they are sending these secretly arrested celebrities and politicians TO THE MOON! AHAHAHA. Oh, and the rapture is coming upon us soon, so he claims, as Niburu is about to create some planetary alignment and rapture him and his pedophile buddies into another dimension(we can only hope). 🤣😂

In case you didn’t know Gene, the moon is a reflection of our giant concaved realm which we reside within a small crater on, known as earth. You can’t send people to a reflection Gene! Plus, the version we’ve been seeing has been a hologram anyway. They don’t want us seeing the prophetic signs(HERE & HERE) that have been manifesting themselves lately. Or, they want to create counterfeit ones. Whatever the case may be and whatever theories may be out there, Gene Decodes take on the situation is about the most invalid of all and he’d be the last person I’d listen to about a damn thing. So go away Gene. Go on! Get boy! Before I come find you. You can go on the run with your pal Timmy Holmseth who is still a wanted fugitive. You’d be like Bonnie & Clyde, but in this version you’d have a creepy elderly New Age con-artist with a creepy middle aged pedophile con-artist who poses as a truther in the Qanon community. What a movie! I’d buy that book, but not that bundle of toilet paper that Gene has apparently conned some publisher into printing. I bet the publisher was encouraged to release that stack of perverted fantasies to help prop up this neverending disinformation campaign. Which is why we never heard Juan address Gene’s claims directly, except when he mockingly said: “there isn’t going to be any rapture”. I pictured him rolling his eyes in the background and talking shit about Gene to the other intel-actor-agents in the room while on mute.

Remember now, Mike Adams of Brighteon has said that Juan is CIA. So there’s that. But who can we believe these days? I’ll go with Mike. He is very “of” God in comparison to the rest of them. But who knows. The only thing I am sure of is that Gene Decode is full of shit.


The rest of this community, like these guys, are all still as optimistic as ever as you can see in the below clip. Why? You got me.

I just want the Scamdemic to end. Until something happens with that despicable oppressive scam, I really don’t care which eldery shapeshifting serpent seed they are claiming is the President of the American Republic at the moment. It’s never mattered before and it’s not going to matter now no matter how many blank executive orders are signed by whoever is under that Biden silicone mask.

Source: Originally posted on my Project Camelot Telegram Channel. | February 12, 2021


February 12, 2021

Originally posted on my Project Camelot Telegram Channel.


HOW MUCH LONGER are they going to let this farce with Covid19 continue and more nonsensical laws forcing people to stay in their homes?  Who does this serve?

When you have the evidence to expose all the lies once and for all why do you prolong the farce?

So Gene Decode and Juan O Savin come forward and tell the truth but they have no one STANDING BESIDE THEM OUT IN THE PUBLIC… no REAL PROOF …FILMS AND PRESS CONFERENCES…. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  Don’t tell people to do their homework, take a deep breath, eat their popcorn…this is denigrating nonsense… We have ALL DONE OUR HOMEWORK… we are ALL OVER THE SOCIAL MEDIA TALKING ABOUT THIS SUPPORTING YOU ANDTHE TRUTH… What are you doing to support US?  More talk?

You say trust God?  Which God?  the one that sat back and let these CABALS REIGN AGAINST HUMANS FOR EONS?  THE GODS OF THE BIBLE ARE THE ANUNNAKI… THE CREATOR …does not work like that…. AMERICA will go down on your “Gods” watch… JUST LIKE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE DYING EVERYDAY… BEING MURDERED BY DESPOTS AND DICTATORS ALL AROUND THE WORLD… your God has been watching and letting this happen… Meanwhile time goes by….  We need to save ourselves and each other…. RELEASE THE TRUTH TO THE MASSES… Stop the Paternalistic ways of dealing with the people…stop fighting A SECRET WAR…. and tell us to go eat popcorn… YOU FEAR OUR STRENGTH… BOTH SIDES FEAR THE PEOPLE…. stop with the comforting messages stop placating the people into further slumber…The real enemy is SECRECY.

IF the good guys come in and use THE SAME TACTICS as the dark side what is the purpose?  DON’T HIDE THE BATTLE BRING IT OUT IN THE OPEN.  You want to hold trials in secret? Condemn people in secret?  Convict them in secret?  You want to RESCUE PEOPLE and keep it secret?  Who are you really keeping secrets from?  Not the dark side..THEY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING WHICH IS WHY THEY ARE RUNNING FOR COVER… escalating their game.  They know WHO YOU ARE..they have all the surveillance bells and whistles to know what you are doing..the only ones who don’t really know ARE THE PEOPLE.  WE ARE KEPT IN THE DARK NOT ONLY UNDERGROUND BUT ABOVE GROUND AS WELL… all this needs to be EXPOSED.  If Trump calls a PRESS CONFERENCE OF REAL JOURNALISTS TONS OF US WOULD FLY TO FLORIDA TO GET THE STORY…why doesn’t he use the alternative journalists to document the story?  What is stopping him?  We all have cameras… we all have the talent AND THE AUDIENCES to show them what’s really going on… so LET US IN… why are you fencing out the PEOPLE FROM SEEING THE TRUTH?  YOU use SECRET CODES just like the dark side… if both sides communicate via secret codes the person on the street is deceived by BOTH SIDES.  Stop the facade…TAKE OFF THE MASKS…

today my guest is JUAN O SAVIN very probably JOHN JOHN… we love him and he is one of us…


FRIDAY 02.12.2021. @ 1PM PT



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