Must Watch

Insane 133 Car Pile-Up on Fort-Worth Highway Leaves 6 Dead

Not the usual type of story you’ll see me feature, but it was such a heavy part of all internet traffic yesterday that I figured I would mention it. This is why you need to use one of those navigation apps like Waze that lets other drivers alert you to any dangers that may lay ahead. I use it just to keep tabs on where all the pigs are at all times. It could have saved a lot of the extra unnecessary carnage from occurring. It’s one of the few up-sides to everyone being networked together like that on social media apps. It’s too late to get all those malignant and unhealthy apps out our lives at this point so we as well milk some of the benefits out of them now that they have permanently latched themselves onto our souls the way they have.

They of course just had to get in the term “first responder” at some point during the clip. Why can’t I see just one mainstream news report that doesn’t contain at least one of their cookie-cutter phrases?

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