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EXCLUSIVE: Three 300,000 Biden Vote Dumps Late on Election Night in Virginia Cannot Be Adequately Explained or Tied to Final Results

Despite insane pieces of evidence like this which shows undeniable instances of voter fraud, the mainstream media will just repeat over and over again how baseless all these claims are. Most people I show this stuff too will tell me that they don’t trust the source. It’s ridiculous.

Source: By. Joe Hoft | The Gateway Pundit | Published February 13, 2021 at 5:30pm

EXCLUSIVE: Three 300,000 Biden Vote Dumps Late on Election Night in Virginia Cannot Be Adequately Explained or Tied to Final Results

By. Joe Hoft | Published February 13, 2021 at 5:30pm

There’s something not right with the 2020 Election results in Virginia.  There were three massive vote dumps of more than 300,000 Biden votes late on Election night that are being ignored by politicians and the media. 
We reported previously on the 2020 election results for President in Virginia.   Hundreds of thousands of votes for Joe Biden were reported in massive vote dumps in the middle of the night and yesterday we discovered this all took place in Fairfax County.  A response from Delegate Chris Head to a constituent attempted to answer questions related to these ballot dumps but failed miserably:

The delegate’s response brushed by the fact that massive dumps of Biden votes at 90/10 and 80/20 Biden to Trump were dropped in the middle of the night.

After rambling on about the vote drop the delegate then noted that the Edison data doesn’t matter anyway it’s the official state results that matter that can be found here.

We looked at this site and we found that the results on the site don’t agree with the results on the Edison feed.  The Edison feed is the official results from the election provided to the media on the night of the election.  We reported in November on these results using the New York Times/Edison data feed from Election night.

The Virginia delegate provided Edison data for Fairfax County only, which were the bulk of the entries posted late on Election Night.  Next, we looked at the ‘official results’ at the link provided by the representative.  Unfortunately, we were unable to tie these results to the Edison data provided by the representative for Fairfax County.  Why are the data and results not transparent?

The following results are divided by US Congressional District:

Congressional District 11 includes Fairfax City and Fairfax County and Prince William County.  The total number of votes for Biden is 281,000 votes with 61,000 from Prince William County:

Another entry for Fairfax County was located in Congressional District 10, where Fairfax County shows with 77,000 votes for Biden.

The problem here is that the total votes for Fairfax County per the official state results don’t tie with the Edison data provided to the public on Election Night after the big data dumps of 300,000 ballots for Biden.  If you take away the Prince William County votes for Biden in District 11 and add in the Fairfax County votes for Biden found in District 10, you only come up with 295,000 votes for Biden.

But the Edison data provided yesterday from the Virginia State delegate shows 405,000 votes for Biden from Fairfax County.  This is a 110,000 ballot difference.  What is going on?

The more we look into the results from the 2020 election the more questions we have.  Why is no one else looking into this especially politicians who we voted in to preserve the US Constitution?

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