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Juan O’Savin aka Wayne Ronald Willot is NOT JFK Jr. & Gene Decode is NOT an Insider. They Are BOTH Frauds & BOTH Associates of Pedophile Con-Artist Timothy Charles Holmseth. HERE’S YOUR PROOF. Enough of this Charade! Has the Whole New Age Community Gone Completely Brain Dead?

BITCHUTE LINK: I just hope and pray that many people wake up and realize that Juan O Savin IS NOT JFK Jr. He has whole cults revolving around that notion. Kelli Ann Hub News and Jennifer Mac are two cult leaders right now. I tried to tell them the truth but Jennifer helped take my channel down and Kelli Ann blocked me and told her followers to block anyone who said Juan wasn’t JFK Jr. I believe Jr is alive. But Wayne R Willott, aka Juan O Savin aka “W” is not him but a fraud and imposter. After he got my channel taken down, after I 100% proved he wasn’t Jr, God handed me a video and his picture to prove it. All I asked him to do was tell the people he was not Jr. He refused

I am slightly embarrassed that I hadn’t picked up on this connection that Juan O’Savin had with Timothy Charles Holmseth sooner. I am even more embarrassed that I had even remotely entertained the possibility that JFK Jr. was actually Juan O’Savin. I do think that Jr. is in fact very much alive and happens to be high level Occultist for the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. (You’d have to ask Ronan Farrow for more info on that). BOTH of John John’s parents are from one of the 13 Illuminati bloodlines. That makes him a pure bred blue blood. That’s a whole another story.

I am thankful for one of the founders of the Cassiopaea forum who is also a regular sub of mine who I keep in touch with, for alerting me to Kerry Cassidy’s ultra-sketchball background and in turn leading me to find the following evidence exposing Juan O’Savin. Evidence that was originally discovered and put out by Divine Interloper.

I should have known better. I mean look at the types of channels he’s been appearing on: Project Camelot(New Age shill), Pryme Minister(New Age shill, Q-groupie & Galactic Federation of Light advocate/idiot), McCallister TV(Desperate Q-groupie), Jennifer Mac(New Age shill), VinlyLondon(Q-groupie, Pryme cronie), Charlie Ward(New Age Super-shill) and many more alike. I don’t have all day to list them, but does anyone jump out at you as being a channel that the real JFK Jr. would waste his time with? No. Those are the channels who were dumb enough and naive enough to believe this guy was actually JFK Jr. who was putting time aside from his bloodline Civil War to come and speak on their YouTube livestream. These are all weirdo, deceptive, New Age agenda pushing idiots. There were plenty of much larger and still respectable Q-themed channels he could have appeared on. But those guys were smart enough to stay away from this jackass. If Juan really was JFK Jr., don’t you think he would have the clout to get on some higher quality programs and the where-with-all to stay away from knuckleheads like these?

But on top of all that, the most glaring tell of all, and the reason I had long ago immediately called bullshit on Gene Decode as being a legit insider, was his close association with, and advocacy of, Timothy Charles Holmseth and his laughable Pentagon Pedophile Task Force. Both Juan and Gene represented Timothy as not only a credible individual and insider but also as the leader of powerful and secretive task force at the Pentagon that covertly rescued children.

I dedicated a whole page to exposing this crew of despicable con-artists.

Do people even stop to take a second to think about what they are even being duped into believing? What happened to common sense? I’m embarrassed for not having seen this connection that O’Savin had to Holmseth sooner, but for those of you out there who already knew about this and still chose to continue to believe that both Juan O’Savin and Gene Decode were legit insiders, you should be wildly ashamed of yourselves and probably need to get some kind of psychiatric evaluation, have your internet connection taken away from you and possibly be placed into a group home.

I can only speculate that whatever mind control apparatus they’ve been using to fry everyone’s brains with in order to get them to continue to go along with the Coronavirus hoax, has also thoroughly compromised and damaged the parts of the brain tasked with the most basic of reasoning and discernment functions. Causing you to ignore an abundance of blatant red flags and instead deciding to desperately hold on to the belief that Juan was “John John”🤮 and that Gene Decode was this brilliant and heroic go-to guy for authentic covert intelligence drops as he was bravely helping to take down the Deep State. Believing that Timothy Charles “I’m a creepy pedophile and current fugitive” Holmseth was actually the head of a fucking task force at the Pentagon and was “one man away from Trump” as he claimed. A military officer who was spearheading the efforts to save all these children being held hostage in underground DUMB facilities(a narrative I DO believe is true BTW) that his buddy Gene would supplement his version of this narrative with fantastical stories about. My God. This is an embarrassment for the ages. The New Age should never recover from this. Thank God for that. Don’t believe me? The collection of videos below is all you’ll ever need to see. Now knock it off ya dummies.

I know a lot of you are so obsessed with and desperate to cling onto the notion and prospect that these children are being saved(maybe some are being saved, but not by any of these low lifes) and in turn will refuse to believe any of this irrefutable evidence and likely may not even look(the most chicken shit thing anyone can ever do). But you need to get your heads out of your asses and stop loligagging in retard-land. It’s becoming more than embarrassing at this point. You are suffering from a type of delusional psychosis if you happen to still believe-in what these particular people have been claiming. Especially after what I’m about show you. Granting credibility to con-artist pedophiles is not going to save any children. If anything, you are putting children at risk by allowing this pack of jesters to continue to do what they’ve been doing. Holmseth is a pedophile himself and I’m at the very least highly suspicious of many of his associates. But I’m not going to call O’Savin a pedo without the kind of proof that we have about Holmseth & Field McConnell. But I wouldn’t be surprised.
But what’s NOT funny is this shit. There is ample evidence from pictures like this and the transcript from his child custody case(BELOW) that he had been abusing his young son. For any of you who have done research on Pedophilia, you would know that the oversized shirt is a way for Pedos to identify their victims. The high heels too.

Agent 19 on Field McConnell & the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force Clown Show (VIDEO)

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/vnsm9l-field-mcconnell-and-timothy-holmseth-task-force-clown-show.html


Current information indicates “Juan O Savin” is Wayne R. Willott” In Response To: Reader: “The subject is Juan O’Savin and the postulation that he is JFK Jr.” (hobie)

Bitchute Link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/eWhPSbQwza1f/

Thread by George Colgrove III: https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?noframes;read=159657

I’ve done extensive digging on Wayne Ronald Willott to check things people have DM’ed me with. Here’s what I have confirmed.

1) 1-0-7 IS a number he has gone by for decades. Juan O Savin is just another version of that.
2) He worked for several private investigator firms …
3) He had a federal job.
4) He was a federal contractor for an investigation.
5) He had connections to the Reagan family and appeared on Michael Reagan’s show.
6) He is a top notch investigator and can draw excellent conclusions.
7) He has been able to predict events.
8) He has had no connections to the Kennedy’s.
9) He embellishes the truth to fantastical levels. He’s an entertaining story teller.
10) He has an intense charisma.11) He is not JFK Jr.I did not use any sources connected to Field McConnell, Timothy Holmseth or …… Wayne Willott. This information was independently verified.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is the Juan O Savin Playlist, which are listed in order. To get to the truth, start at the top and go down the list in order. Some of it is repeated. There are two that are the same except one had James, from Northwest Liberty News, who gives his own personal account of Wayne Willott, aka Juan O Savin, aka “W” aka JFK Jr. I have no ulterior motives whatsoever, just the truth and facts. Please do your research: https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/l62zOzniZudQ/

Rumormillnews Forum


BITCHUTE LINK: I just hope and pray that many people wake up and realize that Juan O Savin IS NOT JFK Jr. He has whole cults revolving around that notion. Kelli Ann Hub News and Jennifer Mac are two cult leaders right now. I tried to tell them the truth but Jennifer helped take my channel down and Kelli Ann blocked me and told her followers to block anyone who said Juan wasn’t JFK Jr. I believe Jr is alive. But Wayne R Willott, aka Juan O Savin aka “W” is not him but a fraud and imposter. After he got my channel taken down, after I 100% proved he wasn’t Jr, God handed me a video and his picture to prove it. All I asked him to do was tell the people he was not Jr. He refused

Introduction Only Juan O Savin Who is He Wayne R Willott – Is He JFK Jr NO (VIDEO)

Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/VJAnxnuAczAe/?list=l62zOzniZudQ&randomize=false


Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Xif5yZGZktnL/

SHORTER VERSION Juan O Savin Timothy Charles Holmseth PPTF Childrens Crusade What (VIDEO)


Well, Juan O Savin got my YouTube shut down. Over the Target Much (VIDEO)

Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Y3PJBOXAfTSX/?list=l62zOzniZudQ&randomize=false

RogueNews: W & Hugo Feugen Break Down The Back Story – https://youtu.be/4F3agX2I-Q8?list=PLj3MQC4P3u8Kxa1vbzjitqzAxsjSEBPCZ – Apr 15, 2019 Original Interview was aired on Friday 4/12 April 2012? – ROGUE NEWS

Field McConnell: JFK JR Alive @ Mount Rushmore 4th. July 2019. Pence is a p3d0! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfZa8-YvtrU&list=PLj3MQC4P3u8Kxa1vbzjitqzAxsjSEBPCZ&index=4
– Jun 1, 2019

From the Abel Danger livestream 30 may 2019. Mike Pence is a p3d0 & JFK JR will be alive at mount Rushmore @ July 4th. 2019. Perhaps fireworks – perhaps fireworks not..Full video: https://youtu.be/C1helnyBAKk (VIDEO TAKEN DOWN, BUT I’VE SUBSTITUTED WITH SOME RELATED CONTENT FROM BITCHUTE)

JFK Jr. Epic Fail Abel Danger / Field McConnell (VIDEO)

Juan O’ Savin: JFK Jr, PPTF, Field McConnell & Timothy Holmseth. “I’m Human Like Other People.” (VIDEO)

Steve Quayle Exposes Doug Hagmann’s NSA Targeting Allegation is Fake … Updated – 19 November 2014

I went off on Gene in a post yesterday, so I figured I’d include and excerpt from that here as well as links to a lot of the posts I’ve done on Timothy Charles Holmseth and his crew of Pentagon Pedophile Task Force and Childrens Crusade con artists.

I’m glad I’m not the only one questioning these people. I honestly cannot even believe Gene Decode is still so popular. I felt like I was listening to someone write a fantasy novel in their head, on the spot, in real time, whenever he would make appearances. Gene Decode is a total con-artist ass-clown creep-ball who is down with Timothy Charles “mother-fucking known Pedophile & current fugitive” Holmseth. Gene represented Tim as being head of the PPTF(Pentagon Pedophile Task Force) on CirstenW’s show(BELOW).

Here is Gene Decode with Timothy Charles Holmseth in case you didn’t believe me.
IF…..IF there was some kind of a task force at the Pentagon for something like this, Timothy would be the last person in this planet who would be in charge of it. He claims he’s “one man away from the President“. I’m not joking.

Even fellow member of this retard-brigade “Montagraph” has distanced himself from Holmseth.

I’m honestly tired of being forced to bring up this low life, but so long as Gene Decode is going around spreading his demented fictional narratives, I’m going to keep begrudgingly bringing it up. I dedicated a whole page to this crew of con-artists and done countless posts on them.

Case closed. Shut him down. We all have access to plenty of information these days. There is no excuse for anyone to still be giving this guy airtime on any show. Why on earth he still gets so so much damn attention from the sell-out New Age community is beyond me. I guess they are that thirsty for views. There is no way they haven’t realized by now the abundance of sketchiness over who Gene has associated himself with. The Holmseth connection seals the deal as far as I’m concerned. They must be choosing to ignore it and that’s unacceptable and completely discredits anyone who so gives them a platform as far as I’m concerned.

Gene is telling people they are sending these secretly arrested celebrities and politicians TO THE MOON! AHAHAHA. Oh, and the rapture is coming upon us soon, so he claims, as Niburu is about to create some planetary alignment and rapture him and his pedophile buddies into another dimension(we can only hope). 🤣😂

In case you didn’t know Gene, the moon is a reflection of our giant concaved realm which we reside within a small crater on, known as “Crater Earth”. You can’t send people to a reflection Gene! Plus, the version we’ve been seeing has been a hologram anyway. They don’t want us seeing the prophetic signs(HERE & HERE) that have been manifesting themselves lately so they’ve created holographic versions of our sun and moon. Or, they want to create counterfeit signs in the heavens using these fake celestial bodies. Whatever the case may be and whatever theories may be out there, Gene Decodes’ take on the situation is about the most invalid of them all and he’d be the last person I’d listen to about a damn thing. So go away Gene. Go on! Get boy! Before I come find you. You can go on the run with your pal Timmy Holmseth who is still a wanted fugitive. You’d be like Bonnie & Clyde, but in this version you’d have a creepy elderly New Age con-artist with a creepy middle-aged pedophile con-artist who poses as a truther in the Qanon community. What a movie! I’d buy that book, but not that bundle of toilet paper that Gene has apparently conned some publisher into printing. I bet the publisher was encouraged to release that stack of perverted fantasies to help prop up this neverending disinformation campaign that the DIA & CIA have found to be useful for whatever reason.


Evidence Exposing the Crew of Con-artists Who Make-up “The Childrens Crusade” & “Pentagon Pedophile Task Force”

Below is a TON on Timothy Charles Holmseth(Bitchute channel)/(BLOG) and his crew of rejects. I’ve had to create a whole page dedicated to this retard-brigade which I’ve also outlined below. The most deceptive and eloquently spoken of them is Field McConnell(Bitchute query). He’s done a number on the truther community along with David Zublick(Bitchute channel) and Sarah Westall(Bitchute channel). Sarahs case is sad because I believe she has done some legit work but has unfortunately compromised her credibility by promoting Holmseth. But the rest of them are pure con-artists. Don’t fall for it. CirstenW(Bitchute channel) is a dummy lady and I’m surprised anyone falls for her dumbass routine of childish whiney lies. You should have heard the way she tried to dox me(I use a pen name dummy). It was like listening to a 7 year old tattle on someone in the school yard. Total reject and joke of a human being. So is Kurt Pendergrass who illegally practices law through this assinine organization he created called “E-Clause“. They are laughable. CirstenW(Bitchute channel) can barely read and Pendergrass fraudulently poses as lawyer and likely holds the record for most crimes committed within the span of a single YouTube video. Agent 19(YouTube channel)has a ton of videos exposing these guys. Titus Frost(Bitchute channel) has done some great ones as well. I don’t agree with Agent 19(YouTube channel) on everything, but as it relates to the work he’s done exposing this crew of con-artists, he’s spot on. Plus I have an infinite appreciation for anyone who exposes actor-agent con-artists which is Agent 19’s specialty.

THE MANY POSTS I’VE DONE ON TIMOTHY: https://adrenogate.net/wp/?s=Holmseth

ADDITIONAL POSTS ABOUT DUMMY LADY: https://adrenogate.net/wp/?s=CirstenW

But what’s NOT funny is this shit. There is ample evidence from pictures like this and the transcript from his child custody case(BELOW) that he had been abusing his young son. For any of you who have done research on Pedophilia, you would know that the oversized shirt is a way for Pedos to identify their victims. The high heels too.

BEWARE: The following bloggers are con-artists & part of a disgusting pro-pedophilia scam

CON ARTIST PEDOPHILES | Children’s Crusade & Pentagon Pedophile Task Force:

Timothy Charles Holmeseth (admitted pedo)
Field McConnell▶️/Abel Danger“The Field Report” (admitted pedo)
David Zublick▶️ | TruthUnsealed (collaborator/apologist)
CirstenW▶️ | The Truth Channel (collaborator/apologist)
Sarah Westall▶️ SaraWestall.com (collaborator/apologist)
Defango▶️ (collaborator/apologist)
E-clause▶️ (collaborator/apologist)
Tracy Jo Remington: this one is a tough one because aspects of her story are in fact legit, however she is a close associate of Timothy Charles Holmseth, which insinuates NOTHING GOOD. I have similar suspicions about others, but if you denounced Holmseth when this all first came to your attention, then your good, and no one will mention you again. Even if I still suspected you were knowingly complicit in the con that was taking place at the offset, that’s not reliably provable, so long as you back away from him, your good. The last thing I, or anyone(I’d hope)would want to do is to start falsely accusing people, nor do I want certain creators to feel as though it is too late to just admit they were duped by him and end up continuing to have them on, digging yourself a deeper hole. There’s no need to freak out and get defensive like others did. Just stop being down with this scam.

NOTE: Robert David Steele & Craig Sawyer are both ACTUAL insiders and ACTUALLY fight against human trafficking. Sawyer was slandered by Holmseth and crew with crazy made up stories.

Agent 19 appears to be the first channel to expose the main players in this scam. LOVE Agent 19’s content. Informative, to the point, entertaining & hilarious. Since then, other channels have done more work exposing these creeps. Notably Titus Frost & recently Truth & Love Wins

This latest piece of disgustingness about Timothy that was brought to my attention was given to me by @JustBeingReagan, and it’s pretty chilling and heartbreaking. If your an actual subscriber of Timothy Charles Holmseths YouTube channel, “The High Command”, and/or actually believe he heads a Taskforce at the Pentagon, then you are either mentally disabled or a Pedophile yourself.

Court-Ordered Child PsychReport of Abuse:(Timothy Charles Holmseth)

pic.twitter.com/aTYldyGaX2— Reagan (@JustBeingReagan) July 3, 2020

These fanny-pack wearing sociopaths have their own YouTube channel [The High Command] that was finally taken down after violating numerous court orders for Holmeseth, McConnell & Pendergrass that explicitly states that they must cease from talking about any of this Pentagon Pedophile Task Force crap, specifically the false accusations they levied against powerhouse Florida attorney, Kim Picazio. If your wondering why in the world they would go after her, the answer is unreal. It started with emails that Holmseth had been incessantly sending to the office of Picazio’s law firm, trying to solicit her firm to do pro-bono work, representing him! Timothy didn’t like the lack of response he got, so he and his crew of con-artist pedophiles decided to fabricate an elaborate concoction of fictional narratives about the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings, accusing Picazio of kidnapping & murdering the child!!!……Let that sink in…. These are the kind of people we are dealing with, so watch out and beware. These are some of the lowest forms of cellular life inhabiting this dimension.

CirstenW:Part of the “Children’s Crusade” network of social media con artists who come at people like me 4 exposing them as a Pedophilia advocation group.They try 2 normalize pedophilia & pose as all different truther people & government agents is a favorite too.VERY VERY LOW IQ https://t.co/awBrQQqdNb— Adrenogate (@adrenogate) June 11, 2020

CirstenW aka Dummy-lady loses her dummy mind and has complete meltdown after someone(me) had the audacity to call out all the channels who featured Holmeseth and/or McConnell as a guests & heavily promoted their made up task force & children’s movement. I’m not talking about just re-blogging some of his fraudulent articles like I and many others mistakenly did before learning the truth. We are talking about some serious collaboration. There is no way that you have someone like that on your show, whom your representing as the leader of a “Pentagon Pedophile Task Force” without properly vetting their background. The smarter of the ones that I called out, immediately denounced Holmseth. CirstenW did the inverse of this. She is apparently VERY VERY low-IQ. She can barely even read an article when she does her videos. Below is her official response to me I guess. I’ve never actually watched it, believe it or not. Only read the title, where I am referred to as “Puritanical”. Puritanical is actually a challenging piece of vocabulary for her and I was surprised she was able to articulate that thought. Its not necessarily a full-blown insulting insinuation. I surmise that she came up with that nickname after reading about some of my thoughts on Q & me having dared to question aspects of Q’s agenda(I still think Q is very real). Something a fanatical con-artist like her would never think to do. Giving my high IQ readers the full picture about Q is hardly Puritanical. You are either a Bible believing Christian or your not. There’s no in-betweens. Was my point.

Here’s dummy lady with her “response” to me that I still have never watched.

I know that certain guests these con-artists have on can be very convincing (I’m not talking about Timothy), but it doesn’t take long to see through the charm and above average articulation and persuasiveness[Field McConnell specifically]and ultimately realize that it’s all an absolutely despicable hoax that’s being perpetrated here.

Look at it as their attempt to “groom” the public and “move the line” as far as the general overall sentiment towards the insane ideology that deems pedophilia as an acceptable sexual orientation, not the disgusting, sadistic and criminal crime against children that it is.

Dummy Lady CirstenW Has Total Meltdown, Refuses to Condemn Known Pedophile Timothy Charles Holmseth & Actually Believes He Heads a Taskforce at the Pentagon

By Adrenogate on June 10, 2020 — Edit3


I’m Starting to realize that these “Children’s Crusade” people have created a lot of handles and have a lot of either stupid or complicit people working with them, so I’m not going to continuously address this, so I figured I’d just make one last big post and then let them jerk each other off in one big circle-jerk of pedophiles, pedophile con artists, mentally disabled people, and pedophile-apologists. They can all have each other.

So this all started with some posts I made about one Timothy Charles Holmseth. If you have read any of my previous posts about him then you know all about this sicko pedo con artist who masquerades on the internet as the leader of the “Pentagon Pedophile Task Force” and claims to be “one man away from Trump”. Yea, this guy: *His latest post is absolutely hysterical…

So naturally when I found out that I had been reposting and citing materials from this guy, I wasn’t too happy, and my language and attitude in the posts reflect that, rightly so.

There were certain YouTubers that I had been watching in the weeks leading up to finding out about this, and I discovered that several of them had been featuring him as a guest. I will admit this triggered me a bit, causing me to speculate that so much of my time spent watching these guys had been a total waste and complete con job. In one of my posts I identified several of these channels as having featured him and could also be possibly involved in the “Children’s Crusade” con job, but not necessarily pedophiles themselves. I only explicitly identified Timothy Charles Holmseth & Field McConnell/Abel Danger as confirmed pedophiles.

Of those 3, only one actually got back to me to clear things up. The specific 3 I contacted, one was TruthUnsealed one was CirstenW & I won’t mention who that 3rd YouTube channel was. Even though I am speaking about this individual with the 3rd channel in a positive light, I don’t want to have to drag that particular person into the fray. But that individual responded to me by first suggesting that I calm down(I was really mad and it was profanity laced email which I regret), and then assured me that they had “backed away” from citing Holmseth any further.

That’s exactly how any normal, rational person, who wasn’t complicit or having anything to hide, or in-on the con themselves, would respond to something like this. I mean I also had been foolishly reposting Holmseth on my blog. So I had fallen for the same thing they had. How could I judge? I didn’t. But I did expect they would denounce Timothy, which this particular person did. I apologized for the initial email again and that was the end.

Then on the flip side we have CirstenW. Now, despite her maniacal and incessant tweets where she repeatedly accused me, of accusing her of being a pedophile, that is not at all what I had indicated in my initial posts.

In one post I used the wording “involved with” and in another I used the term “Pedo-apologist”, but NEVER did I flat out accuse her of being a pedo.

That’s a deathly serious accusation that I would not make unless there was clear proof of such, as there was with Field McConnell and Timothy Charles Holmseth.

In fact, after the 3rd individual responded with their polite denouncement of Timothy, I actually removed CirstenW’s name from the posts all together. Despite the fact that she had not denounced Tim at all.

So circa yesterday, and here comes this batshit crazy, totally unhinged, foaming at the mouth dummy-demon lady, flipping the fuck out on twitter.

Anyone who dared support me in the slightest was told, “DO NOT EVER QUESTION ME” and “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE”, and the best, and my favorite, in response to having a known pedophile on her channel posing as a Pentagon Taskforce leader, “I WILL HAVE ANYONE AS A GUEST ON MY SHOW I LIKE, IT’S CALLED FREEDOM”.

You are absolutely right Ms. Dummy lady CirstenW, with the reading comprehension skills of a grade schooler. You damn well do have that right, free speech protected and all. It’s the reason why you & Timothy are allowed to have YouTube channels & blogs. It’s also the same reason I can come out and expose you both as being lower forms of life than the bacteria that accumulates around the stain ring in a toilet.

I tried assuring her I didn’t call her a pedo outright, it wasn’t a big deal, they have conned a lot of people, I had been duped too and to please look at the evidence. She didn’t want to hear it and continued freaking out.

I think this might be lowest functioning and most unhinged YouTuber I have ever come across. Content creators like this will only discredit anything to do with any truth movement or anything relating to Q & in the end will only end up sullying up the reputations of the entire field.

I am at a loss as to how this woman holds the notion that she is one occupying the moral high ground here.

Since she had zero ground to stand on for having both defended Timothy and having had him on her show, she decided her only option was to come at me. So she started with reckless, almost middle school’esque lies. Just shit right off the top of her head, on the spot.

Retrospectively, I wish I had taken more of an effort to further delineate those whom were collaborating with the pedophile con artists & the actual pedophile con artists themselves. Therefore I apologized for that. Yet, somehow, incredibly, Cirsten looked upon that as a mic drop gotcha moment and that she somehow won this squabble.

Her lies at that point became fantastical and hilarious.

I was an MK-ultra mind controlled pedo.

CIA spy from Denver

That I had repeatedly threatened her life(absolute horseshit, I threatened to destroy her reputation and YouTube career, not her)

That I had posted a racist picture depicting an Asian women(the woman was white and British)BELOW

The best one was that I was a LIBERAL! I know!!! My goodness. How much more off the mark can a dummy YouTuber like this be?

All ridiculous, childish and far reaching. But most importantly, having nothing to do with my original claims about Timothy. She didn’t want to address that at all.

I knew Miss Dummy had featured Tim as a guest, but I had no reason to believe she was a pedophile herself, or that she even knew that she was being duped by Timothy.

In fact I was almost certain that she was not involved in the con job, she was just foolish like I was for a short while and believed the guy.

However after this absolute schizophrenic episode of unhinged insanity, the inexplicable defense of Timothy, and her asserting her right to have anyone she wants on her show, I am now convinced that she is at the very least knowingly complicit in promoting a known con-artist and child sex-offender.

She has to be a part of this whole con job, which would suggest that she is a pedophile like the rest of them. Though, there is no direct proof of that in her case. Or, Miss Dummy is just a SUPER dummy. Easily one of the dumbest adults I have ever interacted with and likely has an IQ below 100.

All she had to do was what channel #3 did, and moved on quietly, but now she has just blown up her whole spot up like a complete total dummy.

She hasn’t even taken the video down. She’s mentally retarded.


Just to give you an idea of how many zombie Field McConnell and Holmseth fans there are out there, look at the string of replies to my tweet exposing McConnell to one of his fans. It’s unreal.

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