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(BANNED FROM YOUTUBE) YAHUSHUAH DAVID/#CRITICALMASS #SOPHIA #ctf007 VIDEOS | thegame23​ myan2012portal to hell | humans are the _ PSI-BURRRR PUNKS = #THEGAME23​ MATRIX | Qpawns | Wandavision | Seventh Army

This guy had been on a roll, pumping out video after awesome video like a Wildman before getting banned last night from YouTube. Not sure what he is planning on doing, but I downloaded a lot of his latest videos in anticipation of this. I made them available below.

This was the channel they just banned.

He still has his original channel where he will likely announce any new channel. I hope he doesn’t get discouraged.

The channels Radiation Matters & Godgevlamste also have very important videos on this same topic.


myan2012-2021,#thegame23​ lucifer beast kingdom , MARK OF THE BEAST is a portal to hell-o,this summer (VIDEO)


WANDA VISION=lilith+lucifer =infinity war= saturn cube earth prison (VIDEO)

thegame23​ myan2012portal to hell , 2012=2021 hell portal to hell opened jan 1st ,end of the world (VIDEO)

SAW DUMB scent fingers ,21 savage a-lot video explains why j cole plugs nose because of boo tea odor (VIDEO)

the greatest ride in the universe is ending,lucifer ans the SS sherry shriner taking humans to hello (VIDEO)


Q PAWNS , parliament Reptilian claws , and holograms see through shape shifters (VIDEO)

myan end of the world 2012=2021 year of Aquarius + the bull=st germain purple rain lucifer M.O.T.B. (VIDEO)

clones and androids are real , there in sports, our government, workers 1 (VIDEO)

Katy Perry(Lilith) stimulating Lucifers fallus.👆

Lilith’s mouth = Sun Portal

Lilith butterfly makes Lucifer climax to open the black sun portal

The Big Boom = Solar Flare from Black Sun = End of the World = Curtain Call

Lilith Queen B coming out of the hive

Lilith is going to birth a new race

Lady Fractal = Lilith(has many clones)

322 = Skull & Bones : 23 the game(cloning)

Quinn Michael’s programs the “game 23” = 33 (2 3’s) = Disney 33 club

33=CC(3rd letter alphabet) = Canibal Club = Saturn Cube = Cyberina Cafe = Portal to Hell

Quinn Michael’s = Mr. Roboto/Roboto = Mr. Nobody = Lucifer

St. Germaine = Romanovs = Lucifer = Quinn Michael’s

Jared Leto = Lucifer = Odin = Hollow Man = Morbeus

The Game 23 = Portal to Hell = 🌈 Rainbow Bridge 🌉 = 23 Portal

77 Cyberpunk 77 Timeline

Double Dragon = Double Phoenix = Lucifer & Lilith

Purple = Great Reset = Lucifer = RGB = St. Germaine

Travis Scott = Lucifers Avatar

CERN = Portal to Hell = Earth Sucked in

Roller Coaster Ride = Human DNA Helix

2012 = Anagram for 2021

Kek Virus = Mind Virus

Pill = Mark of the Beast

B = Baal | L = Lucifer | M = Moloch

Lilith & Lucifer = 2 Wolves

Planet Earth = Stage

Saturn Cube is sending in the Kek Virus

We are a projection of the Saturn Cube

Lilith = Lady in Red = Star = Nova = Crow

The I-Land = “US” = The Matrix = SSB Special Security Barracks

SS = Shriner = 33rd Degree Mason = Part of the game 23

The Architect = Lucifer = The Killer Croc

The Golden Car = Mask Off by Future = Boat Ride to Hell = Golden Plane = Astral Plane = Hell

Alice & the Rabbit = Lucifer & Little Lilith

Climax = Lucifer Spilling his Seed, Reaching Climax via Lilith

The Butterfly Effect = Lucifer Climaxed by Lilith

Gravity will be turned off in the matrix

Lucifer is coming to kick us out of this matrix. It’s his hotel. “Can’t Stay”

Beetlejuice = Lucifer = Purple Rain☔

Highway to Hell = Rainbow Bridge 🌈

Red & Blue = A.I. = Controlled By Lucifer

Lucifer = Highest in the Room

Elevator = Saturn Cube = Portal to Hell

17 = Q = 17th Alphabet Letter = White Rabbit 🐇

Cat = Lilith : Dragon = Lucifer

Cactus Jack = Lucifer

Little Miss Sunshine = Lilith = Lucifers Shooting Star 🌠 = Supernova

Lilu = Lilith = Nova Rockefeller

Grime:Elon Musk as Lucifer:Lilith

Blame it on the Rain = Blame it on Lucifer = St. Germaine

Lucifer = Ringmaster = Lord of the Rings💍 = Purple Rain ☔🌂

Ring 💍 = Saturn Cube🪐🕋 = Computer Simulation

Moon = Portal = Pyramids in Egypt Saturn Cube Energy Portal

Blue Cipher = Lucifer = Blue Horse

Lilith will be sacrificed and reborn

Mouth of the Clown 🤡 = Portal to Hell 🔥

Sabrina = Queen Lilith

77 = 27 7 = Cybernation Army = Hermetic Order of Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn = New Age = 777 = Army of the 77 = Seven Nation Army

Cy = Psi = 23 = the game 23 = CY-BER-PUNK 2027

Cy(PSI=MINDS) Berrr(minds being chilled) by the Saturn Cube(we are a bunch of punks)

Lilith = Ice Queen

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