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WATCH: Health Inspector Jatinder Chhabra Does Happy Dance Moments After Ordering SoCal Brewery to Close. Celebrating the Destruction of Yet Another Small Business. WHAT A DISGRACE TO HUMANITY!

Health Inspector Jatinder Chhabra celebrating after doing the bidding of our corrupt State & Federal leaders and helping to destroy yet another small business in exchange for cash kickbacks(most likely). Or, simply to further pad her raging moral superiority complex. Convinced she’s actually looking out for the public. If people like her think that acts like these will go unnoticed and be forgotten easily, she has another thing coming. Her overlords will abandon her soon enough and she will have no one left to hide behind. They will abandon her in the same way they’ve abandoned the rest of us. Just in a different order. She will have to face those that she’s wronged and I can promise that she’s not going to like the position she ends up finding herself in. They are counting on us turning on one and other in the end and this woman will be one of the few who deserves the wrath of an unchecked, raging public.

I’d like to think that this woman will be held accountable for these despicable actions by the members of her local community by getting shunned and chastised in various social circles. But the reality is that she will likely find an inexplicable amount of support from other brain dead members of the public who suffer from the same misplaced moral superiority complex that she does and will enthusiastically congratulate her on having saved the public from this oh-so harrowing viral threat. A threat that those who ran that brewery were too overwhelmed with “alt-rightness” to be able to see as clearly as they were able to. They are saving us from ourselves. What would we do without mindless shills like her to save us?

I would love to run into that woman in public and subject her to the humiliating torment that I inflict upon those like her when they make the mistake of approaching me in public about me not having my mask on.

These people who do the bidding of those responsible for this hoax are even worse than the politicians who sanctioned the Scamdemic in the first place. Much worse actually. I hope she suffers the consequences in her personal life that she deserves to suffer for this outrageous celebratory posturing after having helped to ruin yet another local business in order to hurry along their plans for this “Great (Economic) Reset” that they are obviously in the midst of executing. She likely got some kind of bonus or kickback for each business that she helps to destroy. Pathetic and disgraceful. Shame on you Jatinder Chhabra. She gets the low-life of the day award.

Source: By Cristina Laila | The Gateway Pundit | Published February 15, 2021 at 10:29pm

WATCH: Health Inspector Does Happy Dance Moments After Ordering SoCal Brewery to Close

By Cristina Laila
Published February 15, 2021 at 10:29pm

A health inspector named Jatinder Chhabra did a happy dance moments after ordering a brewery (already struggling because of Covid lockdowns) in Southern California to close.

The brown shirt health inspectors are drunk on power and won’t stop until the American people say “enough.”

Jatinder Chhabra waltzed into Bravery Brewing Company in Lancaster, a high desert city in northern Los Angeles County last weekend and told the owners to close up shop.

Bravery Brewing Co doesn’t have TVs so they set up Super Bowl Sundays with limited hours so customers can take the freshly brewed beer home with them before the game starts.

Chhabra ordered the brewery to close down because they didn’t pay hundreds of dollars to food trucks to come by….a new requirement because of…. Covid.

The brewery employee argued with Chhabra and told her that they were only doing take out but she arrogantly told them to shut down immediately.

The employee put the brewer, Brian Avery on the phone with Chhabra and he told her to call her supervisor – the supervisor told Chhabra she was in the wrong however, she wasn’t done bullying the brewery just yet.

According to The Federalist, Chhabra made the brewery employee make copies of 11 forms while customers stood there waiting to be served.

Chhabra rifled through racks, inspected bar tools and danced all the while customers were waiting for the issue to be resolved.

The Federalist reported:

This year, knowing people would be setting up their own parties, Bravery opened for just four hours for customers to grab beer to take home with them before kick-off. Because of that, they didn’t pay the few-hundred-dollar minimums food trucks ask to come by — something they’ve been required to do when serving people on-premises because, apparently, COVID.

This year, however, the inspectors are in charge, and surveillance footage shared with The Federalist shows Los Angeles County inspector Jatinder Chhabra entering the building just over half an hour after they opened. They had to shut down right now, she informed the employee, who was ringing up two customers at that moment. Why? No food truck.

When he protested, saying they were doing take-out only, Chhabra informed him that made no difference. She was “brash,” Bart recalls the employee telling him, and “arrogant, and she could give a sh-t less about shutting us down.”

Watch the arrogant health inspector celebrate with a happy dance after she ordered the brewery to close:

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