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CV19 is “Here Forever” Even After the V4CC1NE

For all of you who genuinely believed them every time you heard them say:”so long as everyone keeps following social distancing protocols and abides by mask mandates, the sooner this will be over with” should be ashamed of yourselves and outright embarrassed for being that dangerously naive and not having seen the blatant ulterior motives that were built into this entire “Pandemic” charade from the very beginning. This is “The Great Reset”. “Agenda 21”. “The Masonic Takeover”. Whatever you want to call it. It takes on many different forms with just as many functional priorities. But one thing you can be certain of is that NONE OF IT has anything even remotely resembling your best interests in mind. Their intentions are the exact inverse of “the publics best interests”. They want to kill as much of the general population as they are able to and then enslave whoever’s left. Much of the enslavement will be achieved by a whole slew of new rules and regulations that will be forced down our throats under the guise of combating “Climate Change”. We have just watched our Occultist parasitical world leaders suddenly push everything else aside to now focus solely on saving the world population from a fabricated health and environmental threat. How there are so few of us that are able to see this, is something that I am only able to reconcile by factoring in some kind of mind-control variable to the equation.

CV19 is “Here Forever” Even After the V4CC1NE

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